February, 22, 2024
New Hampshire's Pivotal Role in Presidential Primaries

New Hampshire’s Pivotal Role in Presidential Primaries

Infostani International: New Hampshire is set to test Nikki Haley’s assertion that the state can “correct” Iowa’s vote, sparking speculation about its pivotal role in shaping the GOP nominee. Over the past 25 years, Iowa’s primary winners haven’t consistently translated into the party’s nominee, unlike New Hampshire, which has successfully predicted the last three standard bearers in competitive contests.

Presidential Dynamics: Trump’s 2016 Triumph, Biden’s 2020 Struggle, and New Hampshire’s Decisive Role in the Current Landscape

Trump’s 2016 Triumph and Biden’s Struggle in 2020:
In 2016, Donald Trump’s decisive 20-point victory in New Hampshire catalyzed his successful presidential campaign. Conversely, Joe Biden faced a setback in 2020, finishing fifth in the primary and leaving the state prematurely, raising doubts about the viability of his candidacy.

Challenges Since Then:
Since the last presidential primary, the nation has grappled with unprecedented challenges, including a once-in-a-century pandemic, a generational inflation crisis, global conflicts, and surging illegal border crossings. Antisemitism has also become prominent in academic leadership.

Age and Leadership Concerns:
As the likely contenders for the presidency emerge, both are notably older, with an 81-year-old incumbent and a 77-year-old defendant. Concerns are raised about Biden’s ability to lead, as he appears a mere shadow of his former self, while Trump’s unpredictable governance during his first term leaves uncertainties about a potential second term.

New Hampshire's Pivotal Role in Presidential Primaries
Deciding the Future: Biden’s Fitness, Trump’s Warning, and New Hampshire’s Power

Voter Appeals and New Hampshire’s Crucial Role in Shaping the Presidential Landscape

Appeal to Voters:
The article calls on Democratic voters to question Biden’s fitness for the role of commander-in-chief, envisioning him facing foreign leaders and handling critical situations. Trump supporters are reminded of the positive aspects of his first term but cautioned about the unpredictability of a second term.

New Hampshire’s Unique Position:
New Hampshire, known for its independent voters, is urged to choose wisely as the nation watches. Polls indicate Trump leading, with Haley making significant strides. The article underscores the importance of the decision, emphasizing that Iowa may pick corn, but New Hampshire picks presidents.


With the era of candidate evaluations through town halls and events now in the past, the author, Scott Brown, emphasizes the gravity of New Hampshire’s decision. The state’s choice will have far-reaching consequences, and the author contends that history has shown that while Iowa picks corn, New Hampshire picks presidents.