September, 30, 2023
Pakistan and Operation Dwarka

Pakistan and Operation Dwarka

The Dwarka operation is also considered to be the 18th attack on the Somnath temple. Attacks by 6 ships of Pakistan Navy, the enemy country only watched its destruction.

During the 1965 war, Operation Dwar was an important mission for the Pakistan Navy, Vice Ad Meral (retd) Irfan Ahmed

Karachi: In the Indo-Pak War, the Pakistan Navy launched the devastating Operation Dwarka on the night of September 8, During this important mission on the ocean, 1600 kilograms were fired from the cannons of the destroyer frigates. The gunpowder had blown everything up like dust, from the darkness of the night to the light of day, The enemy country India only saw the spectacle of its destruction during the rampant attacks of 6 naval warships equipped with equipment, in this operation. Pakistan Navy’s submarine PNS Ghazi was also present at a depth of 400 feet in the sea. For this complex operation, the officers and soldiers of the Pakistan Navy entered the Indian territory after traveling a long distance of 200 nautical miles (350 km) in the deep sea. Yes, on the night of September 8, when there was deep silence in the sea, 6 giant warships of the Pakistan Navy’s war fleet sank after traveling a long sea of ​​200 nautical miles (350 km). Like a mountain on the sea chest to gnash the enemy’s teeth in the dark, these destroyers were accompanied by the submarine PNS Ghazi at a depth of 400 feet. Arriving very close to the mission, the first Indian high-frequency radar came on the edge of the guns of the warships of the Pakistan Navy, after which the naval air station, the lighthouse, and other important installations were successively targeted. The forces only saw their destruction and the Indian Navy, which was many times larger than Pakistan in terms of naval assets, had to suffer heavy losses and defeats. Vice Admiral (retd) Irfan Ahmad Hilal had a special conversation with Imtiaz Military and Satara Jarat. He says that during the Indo-Pak War of 1965, Operation Dwar was a very important mission for the defense of the country and the Pakistan Navy because after the opening of the war front, the Pakistan Air Force was under a lot of pressure in Kashmir for which immediate The strategy was very important, six destroyer frigates were under his command in this mission, all these ships reached the Indian border after traveling 200 nautical miles (350 km). Dhak sat down and Pakistan’s monopoly was established in the face of a naval force that was four times larger in strength, Indian ships were completely paralyzed after this process.

Electricity cannot be stolen against the will of WAPDA officials. There is no long-term planning, only what the IMF says is to cut your deficit

LAHORE (Monitoring Disc) Group Editor Express News Ayaz Khan said that this time the caretaker government has also been given a mandate, that the el tricity thieves should be caught, but we can see the fate of the operation against the raw material thieves. We will see the fate against also while talking in the Express-News program Experts, said that these are all cover-ups, there is no long-term planning, and the problem is that you have not fixed things, these are all synthetic measures. Analyst Aamir Ilyas Rana said that the caretaker government has all the capabilities and this is not happening for the first time. Yes, during the caretaker governments, big people were disqualified by bringing ordinances, and in the name of electricity and gas defaulters, who do not want to catch the electricity or gas thieves, electricity cannot be stolen against the will of WAPDA officials. So catch the SDOs that if electricity is stolen, you will pay the bill, then see how electricity is stolen. Analyst Faisal Hussain said that IMF conditions are for the welfare of Pakistan. Reduce the loss, reduce your thefts, is electricity theft a constitutional issue, why don’t you stop the area where the electricity is being stolen, the officer of the area cannot steal electricity without the consent of the owner. Analyst Naveed Hussain said that legally the mandate of the caretaker government is to run day-to-day affairs and hold elections. If the PDM government can’t do anything about the price of electricity, then what can the caretaker government do, analyst Muhammad Ilyasaskedd, Will all the problems be solved by catching electricity theft? The tax net is not increasing in this country. The system here is bad, the entire system is going to be overhauled, and the government needs to improve.

Atrocities of Hindutva goons: India is a dangerous country for Muslims Anti-Muslim sentiments have increased in the RSS-backed BJP government.

ISLAMABAD (APP) India has become a dangerous country for Muslims under Modi’s fascist government where they are being subjected to persecution and violence by Hindu thugs, a report has said that in Modi’s India. Since coming to power, the persecution of Muslims has increased sharply and they continue to be threatened, harassed,d and attacked. Opposing sentiments have increased, and experts have warned about the genocide of Muslims in India, According to the report, increasing attacks on Muslims in India is a challenge for the international community. And the international community, including the United Nations, should take immediate steps to stop hate crimes against Muslims in India. On the other hand, in the Indian state of Bihar, the imam of the mosque has been seriously injured in the firing of armed men, in the Madhepura district of Jhatsa Bela Panchayat. Hafiz Barkat Ali, a resident of K Bhew Ward No. 1, was returning home from the mosque after offering Isha prayer when 4 armed men started firing at him as soon as he left the mosque.

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