February, 22, 2024
Pakistan, China Enhance CPEC Collaboration

Pakistan, China Enhance CPEC Collaboration

Infostani International: In their fourth meeting, Pakistan and China agreed to boost collaboration in industry, agriculture, information technology, and science and technology. Co-chaired by their respective officials, the talks underscored CPEC’s role in enhancing global connectivity and rejected disinformation. The nations are also committed to sharing best practices and fostering international cooperation for CPEC development.

Pakistan and China Strengthen Cooperation in CPEC: Commitment to High-Quality Advancements and Counteraction of Disinformation

On Monday, Pakistan and China held the fourth meeting of the CPEC Joint Working Group International Cooperation and Coordination (JWG-ICC). Foreign Secretary Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi and Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs of China Sun Weidong co-chaired the meeting.

During the meeting, both countries committed to intensify their focus on achieving high-quality advancements in industry, agriculture, information technology, and science and technology, with the aim of delivering tangible socio-economic benefits for their populations.

The participants highlighted CPEC’s pivotal role in bolstering international and regional connectivity and commended the project’s open and inclusive nature. The foreign secretary, underscoring the status of Pakistan and China as all-weather strategic partners, reiterated the significance of CPEC in fostering cooperation and sustainable development. He also expressed openness to interested third parties exploring mutually beneficial avenues of cooperation.

Joint Commitment to Counter Disinformation and Foster International Cooperation in CPEC and BRI Development

In acknowledging the evolving nature of CPEC, both sides rejected disinformation campaigns and distorted reporting on the project. They stressed the importance of countering fallacious narratives and misinformation.

Furthermore, Islamabad and Beijing reached an agreement on sharing best practices and creating an intellectual knowledge pool for CPEC and BRI development through enhanced international communication and cooperation.