September, 27, 2023
Pakistan Denies Selling Weapons to Ukraine for IMF Bailout

Pakistan Denies Selling Weapons to Ukraine for IMF Bailout

Infostani Reporter– Pakistan has said that it did not sell weapons to Ukraine to get the IMF bailout package. Foreign Office Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch said in a statement that there were successful negotiations between Pakistan and the International Monetary Fund on the IMF standby arrangement for the implementation of difficult and necessary economic reforms.

Pakistan strictly adheres to the policy of neutrality in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia and in this context, it has not provided any kind of arms and weapons to both countries. Pakistan’s defense exports come with strict conditions for buyers. The Intercept report claimed that Pakistan made a secret arms deal with the US for the IMF bailout package.

These weapons were to be provided to the Ukrainian army so that Pakistan could be forced to support one of the parties in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The report said that according to two sources with information about the deal, internal documents of the Pakistani and US governments confirmed the secret deal. According to The Intercept, former Prime Minister Imran Khan was ousted from power in April 2022 through a no-confidence motion.

Earlier, American diplomats had expressed their dissatisfaction over Pakistan’s neutral policy on the Russia-Ukraine conflict and warned of consequences. After Imran Khan’s departure, Pakistan became a valued ally of the US and its allies in the war, and was allegedly awarded an IMF bailout package in return for this support, the report said. This emergency loan allowed the new government to delay elections and launch a nationwide crackdown on civil society, eventually leading to the impeachment of Imran Khan. The United States has been somewhat silent on human rights violations.

The future of democracy in Pakistan looks bleak. According to the report, Ukrainian forces have used arms and ammunition manufactured by Pakistan, but neither the US nor Pakistan has admitted this. The Intercept claimed that it was informed of the weapons shipment this year by a source within the Pakistani military. This secret arms deal was carried out by Global Military Products, a subsidiary of Global Ordnance.

The start of impeachment against me is a matter of luck: Joe Biden

Washington (INP) US President Joe Biden has said that the beginning of the Republican impeachment inquiry against me is welcome, I am also lucky. What is your reaction to the fact that the Republican Party has started impeachment proceedings against you, the US president said, “Lots of luck”, recently the speaker of the US House of Representatives, Kevin Mackar. They ordered an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

Pakistan is the second Asian country to broadcast court proceedings live

ISLAMABAD (Online) Pakistan has become the second Asian country to show live court proceedings. The Supreme Court in the US only broadcasts live audio, it has not yet adopted the video format for several reasons. The Supreme Court of India started live-streaming constitutional cases in September 2022. The high courts of Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and South Africa have also adopted the method of live-streaming cases. The Supreme Court is also experimenting with automatic transfer of hearings to ensure transparency.

SaiFar: Chairman PTI’s request for bail request

Kerman PTI issued a notice to the FIA ​​on the bail request of the accused in Saa Farkis and sought their response. Chief Justice Amir Farooq heard Chairman PTI’s bail application. After the repeated request of the lawyers for an early hearing, the court remarked that the procedure is in place, accordingly, the bail application will be fixed by next Monday. The special court has sought the challan of the case from the FIA.

On the other hand, the special court set up under the Official Secrets Act has sought an explanation from the Superintendent of Attock Jail by September 28 on the plea of ​​contempt of court for not talking to the sons of PTI. The lawyer argued that the jail manual was misinterpreted by the Superintendent of Attock Jail, as there is no restriction in the Official Secrets Act. According to the Punjab Jail Rules, a convicted criminal cannot be interviewed. Chairman PTI is under trial not convicted.

Earlier, the Superintendent of Attock Jail submitted a reply to the application and said that PCO facilities are not provided to the prisoners of the Official Secret Act. On the other hand, the Islamabad High Court adjourned the hearing by directing them to complete the documents in the application related to the Al-Qadir Trust registration of G. Kerman PTI and his wife Bushra Bibi.

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