March, 21, 2023
crude oil

crude oil has decided to import by Pakistan

They want to import 35 percent of crude oil from Russia, the process related to Pakistan Stream Gas Pipeline will also be finalized in March, said Energy Minister Mossadegh Malik.


Islamabad (Special Reporter, APP) Pakistan has decided to import crude oil, petrol and diesel from Russia. Energy Minister Mossadegh Malik has said that we will start importing crude oil, petrol and diesel from Russia in March. Pakistan wants to import 35% of its total crude oil requirement from Russia. There is no LNG to give away. According to the agreement, the purchase of crude oil from Russia and the framework related to the Pakistan Stream gas pipeline will be finalized in March.


Three agreements were signed between the two countries on Friday, including agreements on cooperation in Qashm issues, Qashm Protocol (document and data transactions on customs and blue) and civil aviation (work on airworthiness of aeronautical products). The agreement on customs affairs was signed by Deputy Head of the Russian Customs Department, Vladimir Miron, and Member of the FBR, Kusham Makram Jan Ansari. Agreements on customs protocol and cooperation in the field of aviation were signed by Director General Aviation Khaqan Murtsi and Alexander of the Russian Air Transport Agency.

In the joint declaration issued after the meeting of the Inter-Governmental Commission between Russia and Pakistan, it is said that the parties have agreed on trade, investment, energy, communication, industry, railways, higher education, banking, agriculture, science and IT sectors. Agreed to increase cooperation. The two countries will create a framework for oil and gas trade transactions that will benefit both, the meeting also considered building a sustainable infrastructure for the supply of sati gas through the Pakistan Stream Gas Pipeline.

The parties agreed that the relevant ministries and departments of the two countries will continue to engage with each other under the vision of common prosperity. A three-day meeting of the Pakistan-Russia Joint Commission was held from 18 to 20 January 2023 in Islamabad. In the talks, the Russian delegation was led by Energy Minister Nikolai shulgenov, while Pakistan was led by Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Sardar Ayaz Sadiq. 

crude oil

Russia was invited by the federal and provincial governments for crude oil

In the talks, Russia was invited by the federal and provincial governments for investment and cooperation in various fields. The parties also agreed to resolve the remaining issues related to certificates of place of production of goods and electronic verification by May 2023. The two countries also agreed to appoint focal persons for cooperation in the areas of coordination and logistics in Central and South Asia. Similarly, the parties have agreed on science and technology, higher education, also agreed to increase bilateral cooperation in joint projects, training and educational opportunities for Pakistani students in Russia.

The Parties also agreed to adopt innovative methods of trade and business, including utilizing the barter system and other available mechanisms. The parties also agreed to cooperate and exchange information on rail and road infrastructure. Speaking to the media later, the head of the Russian delegation, Nikolai shulganov, said that we want to continue cooperation with Pakistan in the export and dairy industry. He said that Pakistan and Russia have agreed to cooperate on crude oil.

Export and dairy industry

In this regard, we have given the timeline. LNG deals are long-term, therefore, its capacity in the spot market is low, but Pakistan can contact the Russian companies Gazprom and Nawat. He said that the negotiations between the two countries for the supply of oil and petroleum products are in the final stage. Facilitating negotiations. We want cooperation with Pakistan in banking and financial matters. Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Sardar Ayaz Sadiq said that Pakistan has good relations with all the countries of the world including Russia.

In the meeting of the Pakistan-Russia Inter-Governmental Commission, there was a detailed discussion on cooperation in many fields including train service and food security. This meeting will start a new era of relations between the two countries in various fields. Minister of State Dr. Mossadegh Malik said that Russia is an important global partner in terms of energy strategy, energy security and sustainable energy resources. Is. Work on oil and gas exploration projects will help increase their production. We want to increase energy trade with Russia and Central Asian states.

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