September, 27, 2023
Pakistan-India War of 1965: Key Highlights

Pakistan-India War of 1965: Key Highlights

During the war of 1965, on September 17, Indian Air Force planes targeted a Pakistani passenger train, as a result of which 20 passengers were martyred and 48 were injured. 4 tanks were destroyed, in the Sialkot sector, and the Pakistan Army inflicted heavy loss of life and property on the enemy in two-sided attacks, due to which India lost 51 tanks and 14 guns, Pakistan destroyed 442 tanks of India and 17 Captured the tanks in good condition. 25 Cavalry of the Pakistan Army inflicted heavy damage on the enemy and made 2 soldiers prisoners of war. Destroyed 5 tanks due to which the Indian commander had no choice but to order the cavalry rifles to retreat, an NCO of the 25th Cavalry of the Pakistan Army also captured the Indian Centurion tank. On September 17, the planes of the Pakistan Air Force attacked the Samba-Jammu sector and the bases of the Indian Air Force, Balod and Adampura, breaking their back. Blaming India for starting the war, the London newspaper Ewing Star wrote in its report that there is no doubt that India was responsible for starting the war in Asia. Similarly, the international newspaper LEMonde wrote that India has become a victim of diplomatic isolation in this war.

Prime Minister Hamza Abdi inaugurated the National Identity NIRASomalia system in Somalia

The President and Prime Minister of Somalia thanked Pakistan for developing the National Identity System in Somalia in collaboration with NADAR, The NIRASomalia Identity System with the support of NADAR will be a milestone for the progress of ID4Africa, Somalia’s Prime Minister in Mogadishu. Hamza Abdibari inaugurated the National Identity NIRASomalia system in Somalia with the support of NADRA, Somalia’s first national identity conference was held on the occasion of International Identity Day, the identity conference was attended by Pakistan, the European Union, World Bank Group. , United Kingdom, United States, Gulf countries ID4Africa, diplomats, and representatives of various United Nations agencies participated. The Prime Minister of Somalia expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Prime Minister of Pakistan and NADRA for their cooperation in the implementation of Somalia’s national identity system. The Ambassador and other dignitaries appreciated the strong system of NADRA and congratulated the Government of Pakistan and the Government of Somalia for the success. The President of Somalia Hassan M. Sheikh also expressed his sincere gratitude to the Government of Pakistan for social welfare programs, and health It will facilitate effective public service delivery, including maintenance, and electoral processes, thereby improving governance.

Full crackdown of Fesco against electricity thieves and defaulters

On the instructions of the Government of Pakistan and the Ministry of Energy (Power Division), Fesco’s comprehensive crackdown against electricity thieves and defaulters is continuing, the teams of six operation circles of Fesco have arrested another 104 electricity thieves who have been charged more than 216,000. Bills for fines of more than 1 crore 16 lakh have been issued for detection units. Applications have been filed for registration of FI against all electricity thieves by disconnecting their connections. In district Faisalabad, more than 1.129 thousand detection units and more than 4.84 million fines have been imposed on 384 electricity thieves so far. So far, 106 electricity thieves have been given more than 4 lakh 88 thousand detection units and a fine of Rs. So far, more than 2 lakh 65 thousand detection units and 1 crore 24 lakh fine have been imposed on 97 electricity thieves in Bhakkar district. More than 2 lakh 88 thousand detection units and 83 lakh 57 thousand fines were imposed on 107 electricity thieves in Chiniot district. More than 80 thousand detection units and 39 lakh 85 thousand fines were imposed on 31 electricity thieves in Khushab district. In Mianwali district, more than 162 thousand detection units and more than 69 lakh fines were imposed on 87 electricity thieves. In Sargodha district, 126 electricity thieves were given more than 3 lakh 69 detection units and fined 1 crore 52 lakh. More than 2 lakh detection units and more than 76 lakh fines were issued to 69 electricity thieves in the Toba district. In the ongoing special campaign against electricity theft, a total of 1014 electricity thieves have been fined more than 1194 lakh 81 thousand in the name of more than 29 lakh 48 thousand detection units in the Fesco region during eleven days. While 18 electricity thieves have been arrested so far. More than 2 crore 52 lakhs have been recovered from electricity thieves so far while a total of 769 cases have been registered against electricity thieves.

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