September, 26, 2023
Pakistan Set to Rank Among Top Ten Global Economies

Pakistan Set to Rank Among Top Ten Global Economies

Faisalabad (Express Report) High Commissioner of Malaysia Muhammad Azhar bin Mazlan has said that according to the World Bank In 2050, Pakistan will be among the ten largest economies in the world, so Malaysia can increase its bilateral trade from 1.8 to 10 billion dollars under the Free Trade Agreement with Pakistan. He said this in an address to the business community at the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He expressed his satisfaction with the relationship between the two countries but said that there is a need to take full economic advantage of these fruitful relations in this regard. The business community of both countries will have to play a key role. The volume of bilateral trade between Pakistan and Malaysia is 1.8 billion dollars, but India is in first place, Bangladesh is in second place and Pakistan is in third place. Malaysia is exporting palm oil, chemicals electrical items, etc. to Pakistan while Pakistan is exporting fruits and vegetables to Malaysia apart from chemicals. Recently, Pakistan has started the process of importing mangoes to Malaysia and in this regard, the Mango Festival was also held in Kuala Lumpur. We have to take full advantage of the global halal market. Being close to the Middle East and the Far East, Pakistan can directly export Halal products to these markets. Senior Vice President Dr. Sajadar Shad, Vice President Haji Muhammad Aslam Bhalli, Executive Member Muhammad Azhar Chaudhry, Mian Muhammad Tayyab Sheikh Muhammad Fazil, Rehan Naseem Bhar Ura, and Sir Faraz Salimi participated in the question and answer session. Finally, President Dr. Khurram Tariq presented the honorary shield of the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry to the High Commissioner of Malaysia, Muhammad Azhar bin Mazlan, while the High Commissioner also recorded his comments in the guest book of the Faisalabad Chamber.

Universities allocate scholarships for students: Governor Punjab Agricultural University presided over the Senate meeting, inaugurated the sports complex(Pakistan)

Faisalabad (Express Report) Punjab Governor Muhammad Balighur Rehman has said that the universities should allocate 5% of their income for the scholarships of deserving students so that by increasing the number of scholarships, students belonging to low-income families can quench their thirst for knowledge. He expressed these views while presiding over the 50th session of the Senate of Agricultural University Faisalabad. In the meeting, the budget of the Agricultural University for the financial year 2023-24 was approved. The governor of Punjab said that the youth are our valuable asset, which can be made possible to achieve the best future only by making them skilled. However, in 2019, it was reduced to 16 billion only. Vice Chancellor Dr. Iqrar Ahmed Khan also addressed this.

Queen Elizabeth II’s first birthday, thanking the public for supporting Charles as monarch

London (APP) A year has passed since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who reigned for a record 70 years on the British throne. In his statement, he thanked the public for their support on his mother’s first anniversary as monarch, the second Prince John Budwick of Sex, Prince Harry, paid tribute to his late grandmother Queen Elizabeth II on her first anniversary. “I know my grandmother is very happy to see us all together tonight, one year after her death,” Prince Harry said of Queen Elizabeth at the Wellchild Awards.

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