September, 22, 2023
Pakistan: Transit Trade's Toll on the Economy

Pakistan: Transit Trade’s Toll on the Economy

Islamabad (Khalid Mahmood) Pakistan-Afghan transit trade has had deep and negative effects on the country’s economy. Afghanistan’s transit trade is one of the main causes of the black economy in Pakistan. According to sources, Afghan authorities misrepresent the prices of Afghan transit trade items to Pakistan Customs, resulting in goods being reported And there is a significant difference in actual value. These items then come illegally into Pakistan. Afghan imports under transit trade increased by 67 percent. Sources say that the value of February 23, 2022- It reached 6.71 billion US dollars while last year these imports were 4 billion US dollars. Due to this large increase in imports, Pakistan’s imports of these items decreased significantly, 48% in synthetic filament textile products, 62% in electronics equipment, 42% in tires and rubber, and 51% in tea, Machinery has decreased by 34% while vegetable and fruit imports have decreased by 46%. Pakistan’s own small and medium-scale industries are adversely affected by Afghan transit trade and are hurting the Pakistani economy. It is an important need of the hour to make the Afghan transit trade according to the international laws prevailing in the world for the economic recovery of Pakistan. According to APP, financial experts say that Afghan transit trade also needs to be adjusted according to the international laws prevailing in the world for the economic recovery of Pakistan. According to the Monitoring Desk, a report submitted to the government has revealed that Afghan transit trade is a significant cause of damage to Pakistan’s economy. It is to be remembered that a few days ago, a report came out in which 300 billion rupees were stolen under the guise of Afghan transit trade.

Meeting of the British High Commissioner with the Chief Election Commissioner

ISLAMABAD (Correspondent, INP) British High Commissioner Jane Marriott also met Chief Election Commissioner Sikander Sultan Raja, discussing various issues related to the elections. The British High Commissioner said in a tweet that an introductory meeting was held with the Chief Election Commissioner, during which it was agreed to conduct transparent, fair, and acceptable elections as per the law. It should be noted that a few days ago US Ambassador Donald Bloom also met Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja.

190 million pound case, former federal minister Shireen Mazari appeared before NAB

Islamabad (INP) Former federal minister Shireen Mazari appeared before NAB Rawalpindi in the National Crime Agency 190 million pound case. NAB officials asked Shireen Mazari questions about the discussion in the cabinet meeting, who was present in the cabinet meeting, and who gave what opinion.

The division in the Supreme Court is likely to end after September 16. The division started in the judiciary on the issue of fixing the procedure for the appointments of Juz

Islamabad (Jehanzeb Abbasi) It is being loudly claimed in the chambers of justice that the division in the Supreme Court will end after September 16. In the past two judicial years, there has been a clear division in the Supreme Court’s holdings. The division in the judiciary started over the issue of fixing the procedure for the appointment of judges in the High Court but intensified when the former coalition government enacted legislation to regulate clause three of Article 184 through the Practice and Procedure Act. However, the process of approving the law was not yet completed when some petitioners directly challenged the legislation in the Supreme Court and an eight-member larger bench headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan suspended the law. It is also important that the last eight Chief Justices, sometimes lawyers and sometimes politicians, have been demanding that rules should be set at the administrative level to use clause three of Article 184, but the judiciary itself did not hold a full court meeting. The agency failed to resolve the issue, however, when Parliament attempted to regulate clause three of Article 184, it was suspended before it became law. The recent division in the Supreme Judiciary has been described by politicians in various speeches as like-minded and independent judges, but both sides are showing the possibility that the nominated Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa will hold the post of Chief Justice of Pakistan.


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