February, 23, 2024
Pakistan's Retaliatory Strikes Escalate Iran Tensions

Pakistan’s Retaliatory Strikes Escalate Iran Tensions

Infostani International: In response to Iran’s airspace breach, Pakistan swiftly conducted airstrikes on terrorist hideouts in Sistan-o-Baluchistan. The Foreign Office confirmed the operation, citing concerns about safe havens for Pakistani-origin terrorists. Tensions escalated with diplomatic measures as ambassadors were recalled and expelled. This article provides a concise overview of the events, emphasizing the context and Pakistan’s military retaliation.

Pakistan’s Retaliatory Air Strikes on Terrorist Hideouts in Iran’s Sistan-o-Baluchistan: Escalating Tensions and Unprecedented Diplomatic Measures

On Thursday, Pakistan launched early morning air strikes on terrorist hideouts in Iran’s Sistan-o-Baluchistan province, seemingly in retaliation for Tehran’s breach of Pakistan’s airspace a day earlier.

In a statement released shortly after, the Foreign Office (FO) confirmed the unprecedented action. The FO statement revealed that Pakistan, in a highly coordinated and specifically targeted precision military operation codenamed ‘Marg Bar Sarmachar,’ undertook a series of strikes against terrorist hideouts in the Siestan-o-Baluchistan province of Iran. The operation, based on intelligence, resulted in the killing of a number of terrorists.

The day before this military action, Pakistan took swift diplomatic measures, recalling its ambassador from Iran and expelling Tehran’s envoy, in response to Iranian missile strikes. This marked the first instance of Pakistan recalling its envoy from Iran, underlining the heightened tensions between the two neighboring nations.

The escalation in tensions began with Iran’s missile and drone strikes inside Pakistan, targeting alleged ‘terrorist bases’ of Jaish-al Adl, a terrorist group operating from Iran’s Sistan-Baluchistan province. Pakistan strongly condemned what it termed the “unprovoked violation of its airspace” by Iran, disputing Iranian claims and asserting that the strikes resulted in the death of two innocent children and the injury of three girls.

Pakistan’s Military Operation in Iran: Addressing Concerns and Safeguarding National Security

The FO statement elaborated on the context, stating that Pakistan had consistently shared serious concerns with Iran regarding safe havens for Pakistani-origin terrorists, known as Sarmachars, in ungoverned spaces inside Iran. Pakistan has provided multiple dossiers with concrete evidence of the presence and activities of these terrorists. The lack of action on these concerns led to the continuation of terrorist activities against Pakistanis, culminating in today’s operation based on credible intelligence of impending large-scale terrorist activities by these Sarmachars.

The FO emphasized that today’s action showcased Pakistan’s unwavering commitment to protecting and defending its national security. It praised the professionalism of the Pakistan Armed Forces in executing the complex operation. Pakistan reiterated its respect for Iran’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, clarifying that the objective of the operation was solely to safeguard Pakistan’s security and national interests.

Pakistan's Retaliatory Strikes Escalate Iran Tensions
Tensions escalate after Pakistan carries out ‘retaliatory’ airstrikes in Iran

Pakistan’s Military Strikes in Iran: Clarification, Principles, and Commitments

A Pakistani intelligence source, rejecting passive voice, informed Reuters that military aircraft conducted the strikes to target Baloch militants inside Iran, specifically those affiliated with the outlawed Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF).

The statement highlighted Pakistan’s adherence to the principles and purposes of the UN Charter, including the territorial integrity and sovereignty of member states. Pakistan asserted its commitment to upholding sovereignty and territorial integrity, stating that it would not allow any challenge under any pretext or circumstances.

The FO maintained that Iran is a brotherly country, and the people of Pakistan have great respect and affection for the Iranian people. It expressed a continued emphasis on dialogue and cooperation to address common challenges, including terrorism. The FO statement concluded by reiterating Pakistan’s commitment to finding joint solutions in collaboration with Iran.