September, 26, 2023
Palestinian President and Israeli PM Meet with Antony B. Lincoln

Palestinian President and Israeli PM Meet with Antony B. Lincoln

Antony B. Lincoln’s contact with the Palestinian president and the Israeli prime minister. The US Secretary of State’s continued concern about the ongoing violence in the West Bank

Washington (NNI) The US Secretary of State has spoken to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu separately on the phone. According to a foreign news agency, the US State Department said in a statement that in a conversation with President Abbas. According to the statement, Bill Banken reiterated US support for measures to promote the freedom and security of the Palestinian people and to improve the quality of life. The two leaders also discussed support for a diplomatic solution to the long-standing Palestinian conflict and opposition to measures that jeopardize its effectiveness. This is an indirect reference to the illegal settlements built by Israel for Jewish settlers in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Israel blocks the entry of goods into the West Bank: Palestine says the reason for this decision is to send explosive materials from Gaza to the West Bank.

Occupied Jerusalem (APP) Israel has announced to stop the entry of goods from Gaza into the occupied West Bank based on the smuggling of explosives. According to the Turkish news agency, the Coordination Committee for the Entry of Goods into Gaza, administered by the Palestinian Authority, said that the Israeli government has decided to indefinitely suspend the entry of goods from Gaza into the West Bank through the Karam Abu Salim border gate. will be completely stopped. Israel has given the reason for this decision to send the material from Gaza to the West Bank. On the other hand, according to the statement issued by the Israeli army, Israeli Chief of General Staff Herzei Halvi, Minister with the approval of the Defense issued instructions to stop the delivery of goods from Gaza to Israel.

All countries have to deal with conflicts properly: including China. Southeast Asian nations should not try to be part of major power conflicts, Prime Minister

Karta (Monitoring Desk) Chinese Prime Minister Li Qiang has said that it is very important to avoid a new cold war while dealing with the ongoing conflicts between different countries. According to the British news agency, while addressing the summit of members of China, Japan, and South Korea as well as Southeast Asian nations, he said that all countries need to deal with differences and conflicts properly. He said that at this time there is a need to support one side, confront a bloc, and avoid a new cold war. Southeast Asian nations have been warned not to seek to become part of major power conflicts where members of these countries include the Premier of China, US Vice President Kamala Harris and Japan, South Korea, and Australia, and negotiations are ongoing with leaders of other countries including India.

We were treated like kings. The Indian delegation reached Ganga Tawatan hosted by Pakistan

In Karachi, the Indian board delegation, led by Roger Bani and Rajeev Shukla, expressed their interest in hosting Pakistan. The delegation arrived in Lahore on September 4 and returned to India via the Wagah border on Wednesday. Speaking to Indian media upon his return, Roger Bani, the President of the Indian Cricket Board, praised the hospitality in Pakistan, likening it to the camaraderie experienced during the 1984 Test match. Bani stated that they were treated with utmost respect, had a wonderful time, and had the opportunity to meet with officials from the Pakistan Cricket Board. He noted the mutual satisfaction with the visit, emphasizing Pakistan’s eagerness to resume cricketing ties, while also highlighting that the decision ultimately rests with the government.

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