November, 29, 2023
Palestinians Suffer Tragic Losses in Gaza Bombardment

Palestinians Suffer Tragic Losses in Gaza Bombardment

Infostani Sources- Israeli airstrikes killed 55 Palestinians in Gaza and they also destroyed a mosque in the West Bank. People who choose not to move to southern Gaza could risk being labeled as supporters of Hamas. The death toll from Israeli bombings has now reached 4,385. The humanitarian crisis is escalating by the day due to Israel’s extensive bombardment of Gaza, which has left the region in a dire state. Currently, there’s only a three-day fuel supply, and despite the arrival of 17 aid trucks yesterday, they lack fuel. The United Nations deems the arrival of 20 aid trucks as inadequate, considering the catastrophic situation in the region.

Red Crescent Urges Access for Medics in Gaza, US Sends Short-Range Missile Defense to Middle East

The Red Crescent wants to send medical personnel to Gaza and provide aid. The United States plans to send a missile defense system to the Middle East. This system can shoot down short and medium-range ballistic missiles. More than 1750 children in Gaza were killed by Israeli bombings, and the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli bombings has risen to 4,385. According to Syrian state media, Israel has also carried out airstrikes on Syria.

Palestinians Suffer Tragic Losses in Gaza Bombardment

Missile Strikes on Syrian Airports, Palestinians, and International Responses

In missile strikes, Zionist forces targeted two of Syria’s main airports, killing two employees and destroying runways at both airports. Arab countries criticized Israel during the ‘Peace Conference’ in Cairo due to the damage that made things stop working in Gaza. European countries, however, only called for a security corridor and didn’t openly denounce their friend’s brutal bombings.

After which the meeting ended without result. It is noteworthy that Israel and senior American officials did not participate in this important world meeting. Due to this the meeting could not agree on the method of ceasefire and could not issue a joint declaration. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. He said that the only solution to this problem is an independent Palestinian state. Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority. Said that we will not leave our land and move anywhere else under Israeli threats.

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