September, 26, 2023
Pervez Elahi Arrested: Misuse of Power Cases Mount

Pervez Elahi Arrested: Misuse of Power Cases Mount

In the corruption case, Haj excluded Pervez Elahi from the proceedings, but he was subsequently apprehended by the anti-corruption authorities in connection with a different case and then transferred to Gujranwala. It is worth noting that the NAB case against him is prepared and ready.

I am an advocate of the military, and I will continue to support the PTI. My loyalty lies with the truth, and I have unwavering faith in the judiciary. Workers should not be alarmed, as I have not filed any political charges against anyone. This is the stance of Pervaiz Elahi.

Lahore (Court Reporter, Chronicler, APP, INP): Chaudhry Pervez Elahi, the President of Tehreek-e-Insaf, has been arrested for the second time after his initial release. The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Lahore has prepared another case against Pervez Elahi for alleged misuse of power. The District Kachhari Judicial Court conducted a hearing regarding the request for the physical remand of Pervez Elahi. The investigating officer argued that Pervez Elahi should be investigated for his alleged abuse of power, which resulted in damage to the treasury. However, Parvez Elahi’s lawyer questioned the legitimacy of the case, pointing out that the identity of the plaintiff and the reason for the case were unknown. Sohail Abbas, who was considered Parvez Elahi’s frontman, has been discharged from the case by the Gujranwala court.

Moreover, the anti-corruption authorities have registered another case in Lahore, accusing Muhammad Khan Bhatti and Sohail, among others, of similar charges. The public prosecutor claimed that illegal payments were made to fictitious companies. Illegal contracts for road construction and repair were allegedly awarded in Lala Musa and other areas. The anti-corruption lawyer argued that further investigation was necessary and requested the court to grant physical remand. The court inquired about the budget approval process and whether the allocation of funds for specific districts was determined during that process.

Pervez Elahi maintained that all documents related to the projects, including fund allocation and release, were available. He refuted the accusation of presenting fake or bogus documents in court. The judge emphasized that the decision would be made impartially based on the arguments presented by both sides and by the law. Parvez Elahi’s lawyer stated that a payment of 36 crore rupees was made on January 17, 2023, during Mohsin Naqvi’s tenure as Chief Minister, suggesting that he should also be arrested. The anti-corruption officer clarified that a legal technical inquiry was being conducted, supported by a technical report prepared by SNW.

The court raised a question regarding the legitimacy of an employee, who was on deputation from another department, conducting an inquiry related to their original department. The anti-corruption lawyer responded by stating that the government has the authority to initiate an inquiry into any case according to the rules. Parvez Elahi was arrested following legal procedures, and the Chief Justice inquired if he had anything to say. Parvez Elahi reiterated in court that he had acted by the law and denied any involvement in the case. He also mentioned that Hamza and Shahbaz Sharif were allegedly involved and urged the court to focus on his case. The court rejected the request for physical remand and discharged Parvez Elahi from the case, stating that he should be released if he was not wanted in any other case.

However, later on, Parvez Elahi was arrested in another case. The Director General of Anti-Corruption, Sohail Zafar Chatta, confirmed that Parvez Elahi had been arrested in a case registered in Gujranwala. Informally addressing the media during his court appearance, Chaudhry Pervez Elahi declared his innocence and expressed his unwavering support for the Pakistan Army. He assured that he would not offend the press, reaffirmed his affiliation with the PTI party, and expressed confidence in the judiciary. He blamed Mohsin Naqvi for the current crisis, stating that those who acted wrongly would face severe consequences. He urged PTI workers not to panic but to express their dissatisfaction. He clarified that he had not filed any political cases against anyone.

Meanwhile, the NAB Lahore has prepared another case against Parvez Elahi for alleged misuse of power. NAB sources indicated that an investigation would be conducted regarding the favoritism shown in the construction of the new building of the Punjab Assembly. Wazir Ali, a direct associate of Parvez Elahi, has provided evidence to the investigative agencies, which has led to the initiation of further investigations. Additionally, Chaudhry Parvez Elahi is involved in two cases registered in Gujranwala. The first case, filed on April 27, 2023, based on a complaint by Head Constable Muhammad Basharat, accuses him of corruption amounting to millions of rupees. The second case, filed on April 28, 2023, based on a complaint by Reader Abdul Waqar, alleges bribery of Rs. 50 lakh in the construction of Bridge Banyan to Chattanwala Road.

Chaudhry Pervez Elahi expressed his belief that the truth would prevail and that he had complete faith in the judiciary. He hoped that the judiciary would carefully consider the country’s direction. He held Mohsin Naqvi responsible for the current unfavorable circumstances and assured that those who acted wrongly would face the consequences of their actions. Finally, he urged PTI workers to channel their anger constructively and clarified that he had not initiated any political cases against anyone.


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