February, 23, 2024
Peshawar High Court Controversy: PTI Symbol Issue

Peshawar High Court Controversy: PTI Symbol Issue

Infostani International- The Peshawar High Court rendered a final relief in its inaugural decision, omitting any interim measures and neglecting to provide notice to the Election Commission. This decision is expected to have widespread consequences across the entire country, signaling an exercise of power that exceeds the prescribed limits.

Barrister Gohar asserted that the Supreme Court will remand the case if it receives a blank, prompting each candidate to engage in independent battles without resorting to a boycott. Foreseeable adverse impacts on the economy are expected due to the absence of a transparent election in connection with the IMF agreement.

Peshawar High Court Controversy: Election Commission’s Power Restoration and PTI Symbol Dispute

The Peshawar High Court withdrew the injunction in the case of Tehreek-e-Insaf’s intra-party election and the bat sign. Accepting the supplementary petitions of the Election Commission for review. The court restored the Election Commission’s power, emphasizing that the earlier decision provided final relief rather than interim measures. The court deemed the absence of notice to the Election Commission and the issuance of an injunction against them as grounds for invalidating the order. The Peshawar High Court’s surpassing of prescribed limits in exercising power is expected to impact the entire country. Given the time allocated for election preparation.

In response, the Election Commission continued its investigation. Justice Ejaz Khan Sabi, on a single-member bench, initiated the hearing on the Election Commission’s revision petition. PTI’s representative, Qazi Muhammad Anwar Advocate, argued that the Election Commission, using judicial authority, not only annulled the intra-party election but also failed to issue the party certificate within the specified timeframe. The Peshawar High Court suspended the Election Commission’s decision until January 9, deeming the revision request inadmissible. Election Commission lawyer Sikander Bashir Mohmand contended that they were made a party in the case and did not voluntarily participate.

Legal Turmoil: Opposition’s Omission, Election Commission’s Authority, and PTI Symbol Dispute

Peshawar High Court Controversy: PTI Symbol Issue
Peshawar High Court orders quick Decision on PTI’s Election Symbol demand

The opposition’s failure to file a writ in the High Court was deemed illegal. The court was informed that the order was affecting various Election Commission matters involving 19 political parties with election symbols. And intra-party election cases were still under consideration. Emphasizing the Supreme Court’s directive against election delays. The Election Commission’s lawyer expressed the authority vested in them regarding intra-party elections.

Naveed Akhtar, the lawyer for the PTI vice president, argued that his client held the position for four centuries. As well as supported the Election Commission’s stance, declaring the intra-party election invalid. After concluding arguments, the court accepted the Election Commission’s supplementary applications. Lifting the Peshawar High Court’s injunction on canceling the intra-party election and withdrawing the bat symbol. Adjourning further hearing until January 9.

Lahore High Court’s Decision Pending: Challenges and Concerns Over PTI’s Symbol Withdrawal

Furthermore, Justice Jawad Hassan of the Lahore High Court reserved the decision on the admissibility of petitions against the withdrawal of Tehreek-e-Insaf’s election symbol and annulment of the intra-party election. The court raised questions about interference in Supreme Court matters and whether Lahore High Court could grant similar relief. Six petitions were under consideration in the Supreme Court, prompting inquiries about the referral to the Peshawar High Court.

Ex-Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf Barrister Gohar Khan announced plans to challenge the Peshawar High Court’s decision in the Supreme Court, emphasizing potential political revenge. Gohar Khan, certain about the High Court. Advised of disagreeable ramifications for the IMF understanding and the economy if direct races were not held. He said he would campaign for office alone in the event that the bat sign wasn’t fixed. Refering to worries about defilement and a majority rule government.

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