November, 29, 2023
Plastic Road Launch Spurs Punjab Developments

Plastic Road Launch Spurs Punjab Developments

Infostani Sources-The first plastic road came in the history of Punjab. Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi inaugurated the first plastic road yesterday. Mohsin Naqvi inaugurated Zular Ali Plastic Road from Gymkhana Mall Road to Jail Road. Mohsin Naqvi inspected the Zafar Ali Balash Road and reviewed the quality. The caretaker Chief Minister appreciated the services of UET professors for technical assistance in the construction of the plastic road. On this occasion, Mohsin Naqvi said in a conversation with the journalists that after the successful experience of the plastic road. Its scope will be further expanded.

After one month of testing, more plastic roads will be built, including Mall Road, but rain damage is a concern. The cost of the plastic road has come down a lot. The road cost 2 crores instead of 6, and it used recycled plastic, reducing environmental pollution. Besides, Mohsin Naqvi visited Center Point to Walton Road CBD Punjab Quaid District Project yesterday.

The caretaker CM commended the project’s swift progress and the start of the Walton railway track’s overhead bridge construction. The Chief Minister reviewed the construction work of the road connecting CTE Balanjab Boulevard and Walton Road.  Caretaker CM inspected Gulberg, CBD, and Ferozepur Road, and gave traffic instructions. Mohsin Naqvi fast-tracked Walton Overhead Bridge, set 80-day completion. Manjab Quaid District project to be done in 4 months, boosting Lahore’s development.

Plastic Road Launch Spurs Punjab Developments

Key Developments in Lahore: Infrastructure Projects, Diplomatic Relations, Health Initiatives, and Plastic Concerns

Mohsin Naqvi aims to enhance traffic management via parallel major roads.  To solve the problem of standing water, they initiated the Ada Nallah project. It will be possible to solve the long-standing problem of standing water on Walton Road. Ri Niazi has launched a project to solve the problem of drainage of Walton Road.

Every major company has joined the project, new jobs will be created, the consulate in Lahore has also expressed interest in relocating to CBER, they are constructing a diplomatic enclave here, they have improved security arrangements, they will also develop and offer CBE areas in Multan and Rawalpindi for sale, CBE has sold up to 40 crores of land and has earned a significant revenue, after completing the CBB project, many investors for investment have shown interest.

For travelers, investors, and those who will return to every town with a jacket, the sale of non-standard injections has been stopped in Punjab until the lab report comes. Actions have been initiated against relevant drug inspectors and authorities on the sale of non-standard injections, conjunctivitis has spread throughout Pakistan, and it is possible to prevent it by washing hands and other precautions. Meanwhile, Mohsin Naqvi met with Japanese Ambassador Wada Mintohiro to discuss matters of mutual interest, such as tourism, the restoration of the museum, increasing cooperation in Autoana Streets Wall and other sectors, and the ongoing program with the support of Jaiga.

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