February, 23, 2024
PML-N Campaign: Symbol Controversy and Strong Statements

PML-N Campaign: Symbol Controversy and Strong Statements

Infostani International- On Monday, Maryam Nawaz, Chief Organiser of the PML-N, asserted that her party could not be allotted an electoral symbol because it is a “terrorist party,” as they launched their poll campaign in Okara.

PML-N Unveils Election Manifesto Amidst Symbol Controversy and Strong Statements

After numerous delays, the PML-N is finally ready to unveil its manifesto for the February 8 general elections. The party’s over 30 different sub-committees have spent the last two months preparing its poll manifesto. The label of being the ‘favorite’ of the establishment troubled PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif, and he was eager to dispel this impression during the election campaign.

Moreover, the PML-N’s extended deliberations in ticket distribution and seat adjustment with the Istehkam-i-Pakistan Party (IPP) and PML-Q were the primary causes of the delay in launching the poll campaign.

Addressing party supporters in Okara today, Maryam, without mentioning the PTI, said, “You can allot a tiger to a ‘sher,’ but a terrorist party cannot be given an election symbol like other political parties”. “You claim your electoral symbol was a ‘bat,’ but no, it was the ‘danda’ [baton] that you had in your hand. The ‘danda’ that you used against the state of Pakistan and the public,” claimed Maryam.

Maryam made these remarks just days after the Election Commission of Pakistan revoked the PTI’s iconic electoral symbol ‘bat.’ The Supreme Court upheld this decision following marathon hearings over the weekend, rejecting the party’s internal election just a few days before the polls. Maryam stated, “Today, the PTI is facing the consequences of their own actions,” referring to the recent “hue and cry” over the electoral symbol.

“There was a ‘danda,’ not a bat, in your hands, and the entire nation saw how you attacked military installations… now tell me, what is your electoral symbol? It should have been the watch that you stole or the petrol bomb that you used against the police,” she claimed.

PML-N Campaign: Symbol Controversy and Strong Statements
Maryam: No election manipulation allowed. Not his fault, he was a ‘ladla’ [blue-eyed]

PML-N Leader Maryam Nawaz Asserts Strong Stance on Political Integrity and National Progress

The PML-N leader asserted that the nation would not permit a political party to manipulate its internal elections and “escape without any consequences”. “It is not his fault; he was used to being a ‘ladla’ [blue-eyed],” Maryam claimed, referring to Imran Khan.

However, she did not mention any names. “He was used to getting bails… he was used to facilitation. But neither the facilitation nor the facilitators remain,” she alleged. Those times are over, Maryam warned, adding that now only the law and the nation would make the final decisions.

Referring to Imran’s recent accusations that Nawaz was playing the match “with the umpires of choice,” Maryam said Nawaz’s “real umpire” was the public, and it would bring him back to power again. “If a person loves Pakistan… then they would not vote for anyone except Nawaz Sharif,” she stated, promising good education, cheap electricity, women’s empowerment, and a better living standard if the PML-N emerged victorious in the upcoming polls.

At the beginning of her address, Maryam said the PML-N did not wish to take revenge. “The court of fate has taken suo motu of Nawaz’s oppression… when a person is truthful and honest like Nawaz, they stand like a lion whatever may come,” she added. Maryam also promised that, unlike other political parties, the PML-N would not only work before elections but also after them.