February, 23, 2024
PML-N Manifesto Rollout and Rivalry with PPP

PML-N Manifesto Rollout and Rivalry with PPP

Infostani International: With three weeks until Pakistan’s elections, PML-N announced its manifesto release on January 27. Led by Senator Irfan Siddique, the committee engaged leaders and the public. Despite being the first, PML-N faced PPP criticism for delays. The manifesto will focus on Sharif’s achievements, addressing issues like poverty and economic challenges, and proposing constitutional amendments.

PML-N Prepares to Unveil Election Manifesto Amidst Criticisms and Speculations

With just three weeks left until the general elections, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) officially announced that it would unveil its party manifesto on January 27. In October, PML-N established the manifesto committee, led by Senator Irfan Siddique, to formulate the party’s vision. In the second week of November, the committee took a step further by setting up around thirty subcommittees.

The primary objective of these subcommittees was to encourage a broad spectrum of party leaders to contribute their insights and recommendations. Furthermore, the party launched an online portal to enable the general public to actively participate in formulating the party’s manifesto. Senator Irfan Saddique reportedly revealed that over six thousand individuals and institutions actively participated in this initiative.

Despite being the first to publicly initiate this process, many had anticipated the release of the document much earlier. On the other hand, PML-N’s sole contender in the political arena, PPP, conducted the manifesto preparation exercise internally and revealed its manifesto earlier this month. Instead of acknowledging the party’s lackluster performance in this regard, its leaders assailed PPP for announcing a bare, basic and somewhat thoughtless manifesto.

PML-N Manifesto Rollout and Rivalry with PPP
Irfan: Manifesto Execution Council planned if PML-N wins.

Senator Irfan Unveils PML-N’s Manifesto: A Two-Month Endeavor, Controversial Amendments, and a Pledge for Glorious Governance

Senator Irfan, in interviews, stated that he and the committee worked tirelessly for two months to articulate the proposals for the document. The manifesto committee remained under the spotlight last month when reports of PML-N allegedly planning to propose rolling back the 18th Amendment made their way to the media. PML-N quickly shot down these rumors, but their rival PPP used this report as cannon fodder against them.

Senator Irfan also reportedly claimed that, after forming a government, they would create a monitoring and implementation council to ensure the execution of this manifesto. The party’s information secretary was not available for comments.

A member of a sub-manifesto committee, said that, as per his understanding, this manifesto would comprise how glorious Nawaz Sharif’s 2013-17 stint was and how the party can continue that journey.

He said that there would be commitments to ending poverty, bringing down prices of essential commodities, and improving living standards along with a vague roadmap regarding solutions to economic challenges. The party also plans to propose constitutional amendments to address gaps. When asked to explain what he meant by filling the gaps, he stated that he was aware of what the main committee had kept, emphasizing that such exercises should not be taken too seriously in countries like Pakistan.