March, 21, 2023
Police officer was martyred in a suicide bombing

Police officer was martyred in a suicide bombing in Islamabad

Islamabad: An explosion occurred in a vehicle on Outer Road in Sector I-10 of the federal capital. According to initial reports, the explosion was suicide

According to police sources, the officials stopped a taxi and searched it when the explosion occurred. According to preliminary information, 2 people including a police officer were killed in the blast while 3 personnel were injured, who have been shifted to Pims Hospital, while an emergency has been declared in the hospital.

The dead personnel have been identified as Head Constable Adeel Hussain, while the injured personnel include Muhammad Hanif, Muhammad Yusuf and Muhammad Bilal. There are also reports that 2 civilians were injured in the blast. According to initial reports, the person in the vehicle was also killed. The explosion in the vehicle was caused by the explosion of explosives, after which a heavy police presence cordoned off the area and blocked the movement of unrelated vehicles.

After the explosion, rescue teams and teams of police and other law enforcement agencies reached the spot, while an investigation has been started with the help of CCTV cameras installed in the adjacent areas.

2 dead bodies and 10 injured were transferred to hospital, Director Pims

Meanwhile, Director Pimz Khalid Mehsud said while talking to the media that they are trying to save the lives of the injured in an emergency. So far, 10 injured people have been brought to us while the bodies of 2 people have been shifted to the hospital, including a policeman(Police officer) and a civilian. He said that he will see the post-mortem process later.

Later, according to the list released by Pims Hospital, 2 people including police officers were killed and 8 injured in the blast, including 45-year-old officer Muhammad Yusuf, 28-year-old Mehboob, 45-year-old Muhammad Hanif, 51-year-old Raza Hussain. While the civilians include 26-year-old Naveed, 20-year-old Inam, 24-year-old Muhammad Ashar and 18-year-old Usman. The citizen who died in the explosion could not be identified.

Details of the vehicle used in the blast

According to the sources, the details of the vehicle used in the blast have been obtained by the security agencies, according to which the number plate of the vehicle is LEI 7793, which was a Mehran vehicle model 89. The vehicle was last registered in 2017 in the name of Sajjad, a citizen of Chakwal.

The Prime Minister called for the report

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif condemned the suicide blast in Sector I-10-4 of Islamabad and sought a report. The Prime Minister paid homage to martyred head constable Adeel Hussain and said that the policemen stopped the terrorists by sacrificing their blood. The nation salutes its brave men.

Security on high alert in Rawalpindi

On the other hand, security has been put on high alert in Rawalpindi district after the explosion in the federal capital. By blocking all the entrances and exits of the twin cities of Islamabad, the authorities have issued instructions to provide strict security to the Friday prayer gatherings. According to the spokesperson of Islamabad Capital Police, the city was saved from a major terrorist attack by timely action. On behalf of the nation, salute the martyrs and wounded men. Terrorists have been targeting the police for some time to demoralize law enforcement agencies. The terrorists wanted to detonate in a densely populated area to attack the police and public

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