February, 22, 2024
PPP Gains Ground in Rawalpindi Rally

PPP Gains Ground in Rawalpindi Rally

Infostani International: PPP’s recent Rawalpindi gathering surpassed PML-N’s, claiming a revival. Despite a positive response, concerns arose about missed mobilization opportunities and a shift from traditional engagement strategies. Amid security challenges, PPP leaders emphasized informing the public about political issues. Party workers anticipate a comeback, sensing a “wave of change” in Rawalpindi’s politics.

PPP Gains Momentum in Rawalpindi: Enthusiastic Turnout Marks Political Gathering as Potential Revival

Supporters flooded Liaquat Bagh in Rawalpindi on Sunday for a political gathering organized by the PPP as part of its election campaign, signaling a potential revival for the party. Participants and PPP leaders asserted that the turnout surpassed the PML-N’s gathering on Saturday and even exceeded PPP’s rallies in the 2013 and 2018 elections. They suggested that the rally could have been a massive show of power with a bit more effort.

Nasir Mir, the PPP Rawalpindi spokesperson, acknowledged the positive response to the gathering but admitted that the local chapter could have boosted support through pre-meeting corner meetings to mobilize supporters. Unlike in the past, there were no welcome camps on Murree Road for groups from various union councils.

Saeed Ahmed, also known as ‘Papa,’ a devoted PPP supporter, highlighted the party’s previous practice of engaging with traders, laborers, and different societal segments before rallies, expressing disappointment that such efforts were lacking this time.

Raja Riaz, a party worker from Dhoke Ratta, commended the public meeting compared to those in the 2013 and 2018 elections, stating that it outperformed the PML-N’s recent event.

PPP Gains Ground in Rawalpindi Rally
PPP’s NA-55 hopeful, Babar Jadoon, is optimistic about Rawalpindi’s comeback.

PPP’s NA-55 Candidate, Babar Jadoon, Optimistic Amidst Preparations and Political Landscape in Rawalpindi

Babar Jadoon, the PPP candidate for NA-55, shared insights into the preparations, noting the PPP’s concerns following the PML-N’s “flop show.” He mentioned efforts to bring more people to the ground, making the gathering superior to the PML-N’s. Despite ongoing security threats, the PPP aimed to enlighten the public about “real and puppet politicians.”

Highlighting unresolved issues in Rawalpindi during the PTI and PML-N’s tenures, Jadoon expressed optimism, drawing parallels to the 2002 elections when the PPP secured several seats. He predicted many provincial and national assembly seats for the PPP in Rawalpindi district.

Amir Fida Paracha, former president of PPP Rawalpindi, anticipated a party resurgence in the city’s political arena, citing a “wave of change” indicated by the sizable turnout at the rally. He believed the party leadership’s goal of securing numerous seats in the provincial assembly was likely to be achieved.