March, 21, 2023
President Ping || Bill Gates' daughter|| Fish Drone

President Ping || Bill Gates’ daughter|| Fish Drone

China: In the last three years, people’s lives and health have been protected: President Ping

BEIJING  (APP) A report on the latest situation of the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus epidemic was presented at the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China with President.

President Ping

According to Chinese media, President Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, presided over the meeting and delivered an important speech. The meeting was told that in the past three years, all nationalities of China have worked together to prevent the spread of the highly deadly virus by maintaining harmony between epidemic prevention and economic and social development and to save people’s lives and lives. Health is protected. Since November 2022, China has re-evaluated the anti-epidemic policy, in a short time more than 200 million people have been treated, while nearly 800,000 severely infected patients have been effectively treated. China’s death rate from Covid is the lowest in the world. China has made significant progress in combating the epidemic. The meeting was told that the situation of prevention and eradication of the epidemic in China has been good, but the epidemic is still going on in the world, so the vaccine should be planned in the next phase according to the change of the virus and the effects of the vaccine. A better medical system should be built, the production and supply of medical equipment should be ensured and efforts should be made to further raise the level of science and technology development in this field.

Bill Gates’ daughter, Egyptian husband buys $51 million home

8 thousand 9 hundred square feet, 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and two parking spaces in the house

New York (Monitoring Desk) Bill Gates’ daughter and Egyptian husband bought a big house worth 51 million dollars. According to an American newspaper report, Jennifer Gates, daughter of billionaire Bill Gates and his ex-wife Melinda Gates, Microsoft heiress, horse-riding enthusiast, medical student, and recent mother, is worth $51 million with her private pool. Have moved into a grand penthouse. The 8,900-square-foot apartment, which includes 3,400 square feet of outdoor space, was purchased last month by a fund in Seattle connected to Gates, the New York Post reported. This huge penthouse is located at 443 Greenwich Street. Many celebrities also live in this place. The apartment was previously owned by Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton, who sold it to a Seattle fund for $49.5 million in November 2021. According to the newspaper, this initial purchase was recorded shortly after Jennifer Gates married Egyptian Olympic rider, Nile Nassar. The house has six bedrooms, six bathrooms, 20-foot ceilings, multiple balconies, and two parking spaces. The house which is the largest in the building has its own elevator. Design details include pine ham with steel fittings and 17 restored windows. Facilities include a 70-foot indoor pool, a gym with locker rooms, a Turkish bath, and a 5,000-square-foot rooftop terrace.

Success in making “Fish Drone” from dead birds

Instead of synthetic materials, dead birds have been used thanks to re-engineering

New Mexico (NNI) engineers have built flying bird drones from the remains of real birds, but they still need to improve. According to a foreign media organization, work on drones that fly like birds is going on around the world, but to give these drones a real color, Mustafa Hasan Aliyan, associated with an organization called New Mexicotech, thought why not with the bodies of dead birds? Drones were to be made. For this, they took some embalmed birds and took out the remains inside them. Then, by installing electric devices and motors inside it, birds with flapping wings have been made from it. These drones fly exactly like pigeons and pigeons and fly exactly like pigeons because most of it is made of real, feathered birds. Experts hope that such drones can be incorporated into flocks of similar birds to monitor the environment and wildlife. In addition, a whole new breed of spy drones could be created closer to birds. On this occasion, Mustafa Hasan Ilyan said that we have used dead birds instead of synthetic materials and made drones from them thanks to re-engineering. When these drones fly in the air, they actually look like birds and a short video of it can also be seen.

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