March, 21, 2023
President Zelensky || Colombian President || Congress

President Zelensky || Colombian President || Congress

Can’t trust Putin, hope Belarus won’t go to war: President Zelensky, we have a plan to turn the war in Ukraine’s favor: US

(Monitoring Desk, INP, Net News) Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has rejected the possibility of giving up any part of his country’s territory in a possible Kyiv peace deal with Russia, according to a British broadcaster.

Ukrainian president

In the interview, the Ukrainian president said that today our survival is our unity and I believe that Ukraine is fighting for its survival, our country is moving towards Europe economically and through its values, we chose this path. Yes, we want a security guarantee, any regional understanding will weaken us as a state. Sadrzi Nisky rejected the possibility of any compromise with the Russian president, saying that every day in our life there are millions of compromises, but not with Putin because he is not trusted. He said that I hope that Belarus will not join the war. He added that it would be a grave mistake to allow Russia to justify another attack on Belarus. Weapons and pressure provided by the West can be a means of a ceasefire. The Ukrainian president said that Russia only understands the language of weapons. There can be no compromise with Russia. President Zelensky also said that the spring battle had already begun. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has said that we have the plan to turn the war in favor of Ukraine. During the meeting with the Israeli Foreign Minister, the President of Ukraine said that Iran is an enemy of Ukraine and Israel.


Colombian President meets Venezuelan counterpart

With the signing of the trade agreement, diplomatic relations were severed due to tensions between the two countries.

Gustavo Petro

Bogota (APP) Colombian President Gustavo Petro met with his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolás Maduro and signed a trade agreement between the two countries. According to the American newspaper Washington Post, the presidents of Lumbia and Venezuela met at the border bridge and signed an agreement to improve trade between the two countries and eliminate import duties on manufactured goods. The agreement comes at a time when relations between the two countries have improved following the election of the first president of the left-wing party Ko Lumbia.

Cuba and Venezuela

Cuba and Venezuela recently opened their border bridges to commercial vehicles for the first time in seven years. Colombian President Gustavo Petro said that the border bridge is not only for trade but also for facilitating the movement of people between the two countries. It should be noted that trade between Colombia and Venezuela has been severely affected by repeated border closures due to political conflicts since 2015. In 2019, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro closed the border for several months and severed diplomatic ties. Lumbia and Venezuela renewed diplomatic ties last year after Gustavo Petro was elected president of Colombia. Colombia’s new president has said he would like to convince Venezuela to rejoin the Inter-American system of human rights, urging Venezuela to help the country’s peace efforts by signing a peace deal with the National Liberation Army of Colombia.

Narendra Modi takes the help of Israel to win elections, Congress

New Delhi (APP) Indian National Congress has said that Narendra Modi and his party BJP are taking the help of Israeli agencies to win elections. Congress spokesperson Pawan Kheda said that Modi is playing with democracy, he takes the help of Israeli agencies to win the elections and influence the elections in the country with foreign help. He said that journalist groups of international media organizations have claimed that Israeli agencies
has influenced the world’s most popular elections.

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