September, 23, 2023
Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif

In the cabinet, approval to send the issue of election funds to the parliament again, the three-member bench was not accepted by the parliament, the door of discussion should not be closed: Prime Minister

Supreme Court’s observation on Prime Minister’s loss of majority, condemnation of audio leaks: Government alliance, the decision to hold elections on the same day across the country

Islamabad (Khalid Mehmood, Monitoring Desk, Agencies) Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that the work of the Supreme Court is not to set up arbitration or panchayat but to give decisions according to the constitution and law. The alliance has agreed to hold elections on a single day. Addressing the meeting of the coalition parties, he said that after the decision of the Supreme Court, the National Assembly, and the joint session dealt with the matter, the situation is still very challenging, the three-member bench of the Supreme Court was not accepted by the Parliament. But the Supreme Court wants to take matters forward with the same bench. We accept the decision of 3.4. Not three or two or five Dukas. Yesterday, the same bench asked for a response regarding the related funds of the election. Parliament will also look into this matter. We must respect his decision. I don’t think that you or I should decide whether we should make the Supreme Court a guarantor or arbitrator, that is not their job. There is a complete agreement among the coalition parties that the election should be held on 13 August, and if 90 days are added after that, it will be in October or November. Instead of solving the challenges facing the country, the PTI leadership tried to exploit them. He asked his provincial finance ministers to reject the terms of the IMF so that no agreement could be reached with the IMF. He left no stone unturned in creating chaos and division in the society within the country. Poisoned the minds of people belonging to all walks of life, and even the Pakistan Army was not spared. Couldn’t do it. Every goal of Pakistan is being badly sacrificed for their personal ego and personal power. Regarding negotiations with PTI, Shahbaz Sharif said that the opinion of the majority is that we should not close the door of dialogue, so what will it look like? We can decide this by sitting and there is also an opinion that we should convey the matter to him through the speaker of the National Assembly and the parliamentary committee can discuss it and create space in the parliament in this regard. So that the nation can know that the leadership of this coalition government made its last effort to get everyone together on the date of the election one day and we did not make them our problem. According to the media wing of the Prime Minister’s Office, the leaders of the ruling parties in the meeting expressed full confidence in the Prime Minister and reiterated their commitment to continue supporting him and delegated all decision-making authority to the Prime Minister in the current situation. On the completion of the constitutional term of the current government, it was unanimously decided to hold elections across the country on the same day.

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