November, 30, 2023
Prime Minister Vows Action on May 9 Incidents with New Laws

Prime Minister Vows Action on May 9 Incidents with New Laws

Infostani Sources-Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar ul Haq says that 3 mothers have passed away from me. We have only come to conduct elections. I constantly discuss my conversation, requiring no explanations. PTI, a legitimate party, will lawfully field members without legal issues in elections. We will not favor anyone nor will there be any institutional interference in the election. The court will decide Imran’s release, and if they free him, he will join the political process. The problems of Palestine in the Middle East and Kashmir in South Asia have to be solved.

In a discussion with senior journalists in Islamabad, the interim prime minister also stated that PTI members will abide by the law in the upcoming election. “I am like a Mughal king; it’s natural for people to participate in elections. We communicate with the Election Commission, not the Meteorological Department, and we engage with the Agriculture Department for food-related matters.”

Caretaker Prime Minister’s Statements on Various Issues and Policies

The Caretaker Prime Minister stated that they have enforced laws concerning the events of May 9 and will act against the involved parties. Those who hold press conferences do not get pardons. Ali Muhammad Khan’s case serves as an example, as numerous individuals accused in the media also undergo judicial proceedings. We should consider Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s statements from a political perspective. We do our job, we don’t push anything. They asked the Caretaker Prime Minister about the prompt production of arrested individuals in court. He pledged to exert full pressure to ensure legal treatment.

This has been happening since the time of Ayub, we must move on. He mentioned evacuating unregistered Afghan refugees and keeping doors open, simplifying the process for those with regular travel documents.

The Caretaker Prime Minister said that he would decide whether to privatize the discos or hand them over to the provinces. Anwar-ul-Haq said that our traditional solution regarding Palestine is of the past and the past, he gave the same statement. Palestine in the Middle East and Kashmir in South Asia, have to be solved. He said that I told the IMF that doctors, lawyers, and journalists would collect tax from everyone. The IMF works with both elected and unelected governments around the world. He claimed India’s involvement in worsening the Balochistan situation and pointed out that everyone knows the actors in the Noomi incidents.

Prime Minister Vows Action on May 9 Incidents with New Laws

Balochistan Issues, State Authority, and Smuggling Concerns: Caretaker PM’s Statements

The courts will fulfill their duties, but the state holds ultimate authority. The Caretaker Prime Minister emphasized that the Balochistan law issue underscores the suffering of our people. With 80,000 martyrs and no recognition. Akhtar Mengal highlights that BLA is engaged in a conflict against Pakistan, pointing out that seven to nine thousand people are missing.

The United Nations report also revealed that around a hundred people are forcibly missing from Balochistan, not a single person should be forcibly disappeared. BLA has declared three and a half Sulu gangs as their heroes, I don’t know when the state is doing what it is doing, but the state has done something to harass Mama Qadeer. The Caretaker Prime Minister said that Pakistan is a state, and all leaders have to be seen here, not only Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif, and Bhutto are here.

He stated that within a month and a half, we successfully halted the petrol and diesel smuggling, despite experienced individuals. Despite the efforts of experts in Japan and Germany, they couldn’t prevent it. Approximately 27,000 petrol and diesel vehicles entered from Amir daily, resulting in a one-billion-dollar loss from smuggling. The caretaker prime minister mentioned that no one has discussed recognizing Israel at the state level.

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