September, 30, 2023
Projects for Lahore's Facility || Jack Sullivan|| Tik Tok Challenge

Projects for Lahore’s Facility || Jack Sullivan|| Tik Tok Challenge

LAHORE (Special Representative, Express Reporter) Two projects started for the facility of Zinda Dalan Lahore, caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi yesterday laid the foundation stone of the Khalid Butt Chowk. Underpass and Ghoda Chowk Defense Mor Flyover projects. Completion of both projects will make the center point defense mode signal-free. An underpass will be constructed at Khalid Butt Chowk consisting of Duruya, Dolan. A three-lane 742-meter-long flyover will be constructed at Ghoda Chowk Defense Turn. Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi said that both projects will be completed in 3 months. LDA will construct an underpass at Khalid Butt Chowk while CBD Ghoda Chowk will construct a flyover at the Defense turn. With the completion of the projects, 180,000 vehicles will get immense ease in daily traffic. Speaking to the media after laying the foundation stone for the Khalid Butt Chowk Underpass and Ghoda Chowk Defense Mor Flyover projects, Mohsin Naqvi said that he has not yet decided whether or not to stop the mobile service on the occasion of Hazrat Imam Hussain’s Chatham. All possible preparations have been made for the security of Urs, Chehlum, and matches. Apart from this, US Ambassador Donald Bloom met the caretaker Chief Minister and they discussed issues of mutual interest, opportunities to increase bilateral trade and investment, promotion of cooperation in agriculture, tourism, and restoration of historical buildings. Gaya, Mohsin Naqvi while talking to the American Ambassador said that the relations between Pakistan and the United States are multifaceted. Want to promote trade and economic relations under the agreement to declare Punjab and California as star states. The Chief Minister congratulated US Consul General Kirsten Hawkins on her appointment in Lahore and wished her all the best. Reiterating the commitment, the American ambassador said that he will further promote the ongoing cooperation with the Punjab government in various fields, besides, Mohsin Naqvi and Corps Commander Lahore Lt. Gen. Syed Amir Raza yesterday on the occasion of Defense Day at the Martyrs’ Memorial in Cantt. Placing flowers on the martyrs’ memorial paying tribute to the great sacrifices of the martyrs and praying for the elevation of the ranks of the martyrs, the Chief Minister said that the martyrs are the crown of the nation’s head and capital of honor. Martyrs have defended the borders of the country by giving their blood, the Chief Minister said in his message on Air Force Day that 7 September 1965 is a golden chapter in the history of Pakistan Air Force. Meanwhile, Mohsin Naqvi has expressed grief and sorrow over the death of Federal Secretary Interior Abdullah Sambal. In his condolence message, he has expressed his heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the Gowar family. Apart from this, the caretaker Chief Minister made a detailed visit yesterday to review the arrangements for the Urs of Hazrat Dataganj Bakhsh Ali bin Usman Al-Hajwiri. Inauguration of Mahfil Sama in Sama Hall. He said that arrangements for Urs celebrations are being monitored at all levels.

Weapons could be used in the Ukraine war, Pyongyang-Moscow arms talks actively moving forward, National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan

Washington (Monitoring Desk) The United States warned Shali Korea about giving weapons to Russia. A US official says that talks between Russia and North Korea on the supply of weapons are actively moving forward. US national security adviser Jack Sullivan has said that if North Korea sells weapons to Russia for use in the war in Ukraine, it will have to pay for it. North Korea’s provision of weapons to Russia for use in wartime attacks on grain storage warehouses and the heating infrastructure of major cities, and through them the territories of a modern sovereign state. Trying to conquer, will not be acceptable. And North Korea will not have to pay for it in the international community.

America: A 14-year-old boy died while completing the Tik Tok Kwan chippange

Washington (Main Netting Desk, APP) A 14-year-old boy died in the United States while completing the Tik Tok Kwan chip challenge. According to Saudi media, 14-year-old Harris from Massachusetts, USA, lost his life while completing the Batik Talk Trend Chainchon Chip Challenge. One Chip Challenge is a new trending challenge on TikTok where Shir eats spicy Tor Tila Chips and makes a video of eating it for the longest time without losing any water. Harris Voloba’s mother said her son ate spicy Pacquiao chips at school, which gave him stomach aches. Harris’s family brought him home from school, where he recovered, but after a while, he was unconscious when he left for basketball tryouts. After which he was taken to a nearby hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

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