March, 21, 2023

PSL freights have been hiked || IMF delegation

There’s no sense in paying domestic cricketers freights in bones, Ramiz Raja greeted the procedure last time, now the charges will increase by 30, functionary.

Karachi Due to the willful bone rate, the holdalls of Pakistani cricketers have been filled more, the PSL freights have increased dramatically, they will be paid at the rate of 225 rupees per bone on the day of the draft. therefore, the votes will have to face a fiscal loss, according to a platoon functionary, there’s no sense in paying Pakistani cricketers in bones. Former president Rameez Raja last time revamped the procedure which increased the burden on us, our charges will increase by 30, it should be clear that the payment to Pakistani players would have been converted from bones to rupees.

Yes, 70 percent of the plutocrat is entered up front and the remaining 30 percent after the event, although the first payment for the seventh edition was made several days after the event started. According to the details, the eighth edition of the Pakistan Super League will start from February 13 in Multan. The bone carate has been adding continuously in the country for some time now, and its effect has also started to affect the tackle. There will be no deficit of bones in the event, an assurance has been taken from the government in this regard, still, the franchisees are facing losses.

In PSL, platinum cricketers

In PSL, platinum cricketers’ figure is between,000 to,000 bones, diamond,000 to,000 and gold,000 to,000 bones, tableware players,000 to,000 and Emer Jang,000. 7 thousand bones are entered, in 2021, for the sake of foreign actors and product, if the payments were made in rupees, but last time Ramiz Raja again devaluated bones, the Pakistani rupee is suffering from literal deprecation these days. Until the rate has exceeded 262, the PSL votes are obliged to pay the players in bones, which will have to be paid at the rate of 225 on the day of the draft on December 15 this time, a platoon functionary said in this regard.

Foreign players are accessible (PSL)

If Pakistani cricketers are paid in bones, there’s no sense Last time, ex-chairman PCB Ramiz Raja said a lot but he did not agree, if we fix the payment of Pakistani cricketers in rupees, they will be angry, it’s the job of PCB to break this problem. Due to the bone this time, our levies will increase by 30, he said that the ballot possessors had spoken to the head of the operation commission, Najam Sathi, but no decision could be made due to lack of time. A better system will be made this time, it should be noted that Pakistani players are paid by converting bones into rupees, 70 of the plutocrat is entered first and the remaining 30 after the event, still, the first payment of the seventh edition is made before the launch of the event.

Several days latterly, In February last time, the bone rate was further than 175, in the eighth edition, it was 225 on the day of the draft on December 15, that is, an increase of 50 rupees. Have to pay redundant Rs. When communicated in this regard, a PCB functionary said that we also agree that Pakistani cricketers should be paid in rupees, still, since this was the decision of the former administration, we can not do anything at present. I’ll surely be considered.

IMF delegation to hold talks

IMF delegation to hold talks on Ninth Review till February 9

Leaving dollar rate to market forces will reduce black marketing, hoarding, increase foreign remittances, IMF program looks to recover Karachi (Report: Ehtesham Mufti for the first time in the country’s history, the dollar reached new heights in the interbank and open market. The results of joining the IMF program by meeting the required conditions to overcome the foreign exchange crisis, on Thursday, both the exchange rates Seen in the markets. The dollar rose by Rs 24.53 to Rs 255.42 in the interbank market and rose by Rs 19 to a new high of Rs 262 in the open currency market.

Leaving dollar rate to market forces will reduce black marketing, hoarding, increase foreign remittances, IMF program looks to recoverAccording to experts, the delay in approaching the IMF had increased the risk of default, but with the recent emergency measures taken by the government, the restoration of the IMF program seems possible for Pakistan. In the case of an agreement with the IMF, it is possible to get loans not only from other international organizations and friendly countries.

IMF delegation review

It will happen, rather, dollar reserves will be available for external payments this year. Islamabad (Arshad Ansari, Monitoring Desk) Important progress has been made between Pakistan and the IMF regarding putting the IMF loan program on track.The schedule of talks has been decided. The IMF delegation review mission will arrive in Pakistan on January 31. According to the sources of the Ministry of Finance, there will be talks between Pakistan and the IMF on the ninth economic review from January 31 to February 9.

IMF representative Esther Perez Ruiz has confirmed the visit of the review mission to Pakistan. He said the mission will focus on local and external stabilization policies, including strengthening the fiscal position with sustainable and high-quality measures and helping those affected by floods. Restoring Power Sector Efficiency in IMF Policy Circular  This includes curbing the continued increase in debt and restoring the functioning of the foreign exchange market.

The representative of the IMF said that vigorous efforts and reforms at the policy level are important to reduce the current highly uncertain situation and based on these, Pakistan will be able to receive financial support from its partners, which is the sustainable development of Pakistan. It is very important for In technical level talks between Pakistan and IMF on January 24, the government has assured to increase petroleum levy and gas price.

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