February, 23, 2024
PTI Chairman Faces 13-Hour NAB Probe in £190 Million Case

PTI Chairman Faces 13-Hour NAB Probe in £190 Million Case

Infostani Sources- Chairman PTI underwent an investigation by four NAB teams at Adiala Jail Rawalpindi in the 190 million pounds and Al-Qadir Trust case. The NAB team interrogated Chairman PTI in intermittent sessions that spanned 13 hours throughout the day. The investigating officers of NAB kept arriving at the jail throughout the day.  Stunt Director Mohsin Ali Khan, Deputy Director Mian Umar Nadeem, and Stunt Director Muhammad Waqqas all arrived at Adiala Jail on Sunday. They joined the investigation at 9:30 am and 11:30 am, respectively.

D Wazir Ahmed arrived at 4:30 pm, and Assistant Director Abdul Rahman Tayyab reached the jail at 9 pm. Deputy Director Mian Umar Nadeem and Assistant Director Muhammad Waqas left the jail at 10:45 PM on Sunday.

NAB has been continuously investigating the PTI chairman since November 15. The hearing for the 190 million pound reference against Chairman PTI and Bushra Bibi will take place in Adiala Jail today. Accountability Court Judge Muhammad Bashir will preside over the hearing. According to sources, NAB will request another 7-day physical remand for Chairman PTI today. So far, NAB has obtained a 17-day physical remand in the reference and can legally secure another 13 days.

PTI Chairman Faces 13-Hour NAB Probe in £190 Million Case

PTI in Focus: NAB Investigation, Bail Extension, and Lahore High Court Hearing

The court had directed NAB to complete the investigation and submit a full report on the previous date. Sources indicate that the Supreme Court has instructed to transfer the amount of 190 million pounds to the federal government’s account, potentially steering this reference in a new direction.

The court extended the interim bail of Bushra Bibi until November 27. Also, Latif Khosa will present arguments to confirm this bail today. Security forces have implemented strict measures outside Adiala Jail.  Bushra Bibi journeyed from Zaman Park to Islamabad to attend the case. It is anticipated that she will meet Chairman PTI at the Judicial Complex. As reported by INP, the Lahore High Court has scheduled a hearing today to gather details regarding Bushra Bibi’s cases and inquiries.  The hearing, led by a two-member bench headed by Justice Shahr Umm Sarwar, will be conducted later in the day.

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