February, 22, 2024
PTI Cypher Case Trial Adjourned until January 11

PTI Cypher Case Trial Adjourned until January 11

Infostani International- The Islamabad High Court has adjourned the Cypher Case trial involving PTI founder Imran Khan and vice chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi until January 11. The court has also postponed the hearing for the Al Qadir Trust reference until yesterday. Justice Gul Hasan and Nigzeb remarked that the Supreme Court has declared the material in its judgment insufficient in this case. They emphasized that it’s a case of first impression, and there should be no compromise on the protection of State 4. The Attorney General stated they would only cross-examine witnesses linked to the security system in-camera. He emphasized that details cannot be disclosed.

During the hearing on the petition, Justice Gul Hasan clarified that the court cannot address security matters. In a previous hearing, the court decided that holding the trial in jail would be open. But now they have declared in-camera proceedings. Attorney General Mansoor Usman Awan reported that they have recorded statements of 25 witnesses, and they have completed the cross-examination of 3 witnesses. Founder PTI’s lawyer Salman Akram Raja presented arguments through a video link after 10 witnesses, and the in-camera trial commenced. The Attorney General mentioned that if one or two families are present, it means curfew.

PTI Legal Proceedings: Reservations, Injunction, and Trial Dates

Justice Gul Hasan voiced reservations about the way the proceedings are progressing. Emphasizing the need for a trial but stressing that the court must consider conducting proceedings behind closed doors. The Attorney General informed the court that they cross-examined statements of 13 witnesses from December 15 to 21. Also, after December 21, they recorded statements of witnesses 14 to 25 in the presence of the media.

Court emphasized the need for understanding the significance of an open trial as it heard the statements of 12 other witnesses behind closed doors. The court directed Salman Akram Raja to provide the certified copy of the cross-examined statements of the 3 witnesses to the court. The court issued an injunction order adjourning the hearing for the Cypher Case trial until January 11.

On the petition of founder PTI against the trial court’s order of December 12. A notice was issued, and a response was sought. Lawyer Usman Riaz Gul argued that the action is proceeding under the FIR instead of the complaint, which is not correct. The court stated that it would issue the notice first, and FIA prosecutor Rizwan Abbasi received the same notice. The court adjourned the hearing. Judge Muhammad Bashir of the Accountability Court fixed January 4 for the indictment of Imran Khan and Bushra in the Toshakhana reference. Arguments are ongoing on behalf of NAB. The court also adjourned the hearing on bail applications in the Al Qadir Trust’s £190 million reference until December 30.

PTI Cypher Case Trial Adjourned until January 11
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PTI Senior VP Khosa Raises Concerns on Election Process and Legal Cases

PTI Senior Vice President Latif Khosa, in a media talk after the hearing. Expressed concern about non-state actors coming into play when politicians are away. He did not confirm or deny meetings of aliens with the leadership. He highlighted mistreatment of Shah Mehmood Qureshi during the scrutiny of nomination papers. Highlighting the arrest of proposers and supporters, which stains the Election Commission. He questioned whether the caretaker government would conduct fraudulent elections.

Regarding the Shahkhana and £190 million case, he mentioned that the prosecution cited back pain, leading to the adjournment of the hearing until December 30. When informed to the court that the Shahkhana case will not proceed, the court extended Bushra’s pre-arrest bail until January 6. The founder is determined for Pakistan’s progress. Opposes the interference of non-state actors, believes in democracy, and advocates for resolving matters through votes.

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