February, 23, 2024
PTI Intra-Party Election Controversy Unveiled

PTI Intra-Party Election Controversy Unveiled

Infostani Sources- The Election Commission found admissible the petitions seeking to annul PTI intra-party elections. Tehreek-e-Insaf received a notice from the Commission, and a 5-member committee led by Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja conducted a preliminary hearing on 14 applications. During the hearing, the lawyer representing dissident leader Akbar Alis Babar argued that the election process lacked specific details in the schedule, the voter list, and the nomination procedures.

The lawyer highlighted issues such as appointing a person as a checker in a closed room, the absence of checks on nominations, and the absence of a final list. Requesting the nullification of the elections, the lawyer proposed a re-conduction through the Thar Department. In response, the commission members questioned the dissident leader’s capacity to contest the election, asking whether his membership had expired since no one had come forward to contest against him.

Controversies Surrounding PTI Intra-Party Election: Allegations, Disputes, and Legal Battles

PTI Intra-Party Election Controversy Unveiled

Lawyers Tahir Abbasi and Hamid Zaman assert that the membership has not ended, citing a court decision. They label the election a sham, alleging that they gave positions to individuals in prison and through advertisements. They question the nominations of Yasmin Rashid, who is in jail, and Ali Amin Gandapur, who is in advertising. The Chief Election Commissioner announces that the Commission has received their papers and will examine them. Despite the lawyer’s request for the Election Commission to oversee PTI intra-party elections again, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa MP rejects the idea, warning of consequences if not heeded. The Commission issues a notice to PTI, declaring the petitions admissible, and schedules a hearing for December 12.

During the proceedings, a video of Akbar S. The Election Commission plays a video of Babar going to the PTI Central Secretariat. The commission member dismisses the video as inadmissible evidence under the Evidence Act. In a subsequent media talk, Akbar S. Babar contends that PTI’s intra-party election was merely a facade, presenting videos as evidence that it was not an election but a selection, depriving workers of their voting rights. He questions PTI’s lawyers, asking if they will now cite examples from other parties like PPP and PML-G. Despite attacks on the Supreme Court and the Judicial Complex. No one investigated those who oppressed opponents and vowed to make everyone cry.

Lahore High Court Challenges PTI’s Intra-Party Election: Legal Battle Ensues

Meanwhile, the Lahore High Court forwards a petition against PTI’s directive to re-hold the intra-party election to a 5-member larger bench. Justice Shujaat Ali Khan hears the petition, arguing against the order to redo the election. They assert that they conducted inter-party elections on June 10 last year following the law and constitution. They consider the Election Commission’s order to re-hold the intra-party election within 20 days as illegal and unconstitutional. Advocating for the validation of the intra-party election held on June 10, 2022. The court suggests that the larger bench, already handling similar cases, should hear this case as well.

In a media interview, Ali Zafar, the lawyer for Tehreek-e-Insaf founder Imran Khan. Asserts that challenging the unconstitutional and illegal order of the intra-party election is their right. He deems the notification of Imran Khan’s disqualification as unconstitutional. If prevented from participating in the elections, Imran Khan will face consequences.