February, 22, 2024
PTI Leaders Imran Khan and Qureshi: Legal Challenges Ahead

PTI Leaders Imran Khan and Qureshi: Legal Challenges Ahead

Infostani Sources- The Accountability Court has received a reference from the National Accountability Bureau, accusing PTI leader Imran Khan and his wife Bushra of involvement in a 190 million pound corruption case. The reference, submitted by Deputy Prosecutor General NAB Muzaffar Abbasi and investigating officer Umar Nadeem, includes the arrest warrant for the accused and a list of 59 witnesses. The reference also names eight individuals, including Farah Gogi, Shehzad Akbar, Zia-ul-Mustafa, and Zulfi Bukhari.

Imran Khan, PTI Chairman, and Shahzad Akbar are accused of collusion in the reference. According to the reference, Shahzad Akbar issued a misleading note on December 2, 2019, presenting the account of the Registrar Supreme Court as the state’s account. The chairman was purportedly aware of the plan and acquired 458 kanals of land from the co-accused. The reference asserts that Zulfi Bukhari received the land, emphasizing discrepancies and stating that Al Qadir Trust did not exist when the land was granted. The Registrar’s Office is currently reviewing the reference, and it will complete it soon. Accountability Court Administrator Haj Muhammad Bashir will receive it for further proceedings.

Furthermore, the Official Secrets Act’s special court has directed authorities to conclude the Sah Farkis cartel case within four weeks. Aligning with the Islamabad High Court’s guidelines. Today, Adiala Jail will hear Chairman PTI and Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi. The court mandates the appearance of Karman and Vice-Chairman of Lakhach on December 1. The court considered the security report that the Adiala Jail Superintendent submitted during the previous hearing.

PTI Leaders Imran Khan and Qureshi: Legal Challenges Ahead

Legal Tussle: Jail Trial in Adiala and Challenges Ahead for PTI

The court, in pursuit of arrangements for the jail trial, communicated with the Chief Commissioner’s Office and the Adiala Superintendent. Both the Ministry of Law and the Superintendent responded. As per the November 28 order, the Sai Farkis trial is to take place in Adiala Jail. The chairman filed a challenge against this decision. Haj Abul Hasnat Zulqarnain declared that he would issue the production order if they did not receive the Ministry of Law’s notification. They submitted the notification, and the court staff read it aloud.

Lawyer Ali Bukhari argued the difficulty of attending jail on Saturdays due to existing trial court commitments. The special prosecutor, advocating for holding the hearing in Adiala Jail today, countered the PTI lawyers’ request for December 5. CHK Kerman PTI filed a petition opposing the jail trial order. The application presented to Hajj Abul Hasanat Muhammad Zulqarnain of the Official Secrets Act Special Court maintained that the November 28 order, was for a jail trial. It was illegal in light of the November 23 order instructing the accused’s appearance before the judicial complex. Sticking to its stance, the court affirmed that the hearing would indeed take place in the jail upon this request.

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