February, 22, 2024
PTI Legal Challenges: Reservations, Appeals, and Allegations

PTI Legal Challenges: Reservations, Appeals, and Allegations

Infostani Sources- The division bench, comprising Chief Justice Amir Farooq and Justice Tariq Mahmood Jahangiri. Reserved the decision in the Shahkhana case trial upon the former Chairman PTI’s request for suspension. Amjad Parvez, the commission’s lawyer, presented arguments. As well as submitted the August 8 notification of the disqualification of the founding chairman of PTI as a member of the assembly to the court. Amjad Parvez objected to applying for the same relief in the Lahore High Court. Media reports indicate that an application challenging the Election Commission’s disqualification notification has been filed in the Lahore High Court.

The Chief Justice inquired about the absence of mention of the suspension of judgment in Section 426. Also questioned the interpretation of the law regarding capital punishment. Amjad Pervez, the lawyer, stated that he believes suspending the sentence cannot suspend the decision. Latif Khosa argued that he is surprised by the extent to which the Election Commission can go. The tussle between Latif Khosa and Amjad Pervez continued during the hearing. After the completion of the parties’ arguments, the court reserved its decision.

PTI Legal Developments: Bail Granted, Election Commission Challenge, and Bushra Bibi’s Hearings

PTI Legal Challenges: Reservations, Appeals, and Allegations

The Anti-Terrorism Court in Islamabad granted bail to the founder chairman of PTI in three cases and to Shah Mehmood Qureshi in two cases related to protests and vandalism. The founder chairman of PTI challenged the order to distribute copies of the challan of the Safar Trial Court in the Islamabad High Court. The main PTI sent the file to the Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court to set the petition against the Election Commission and the jail trial before the full bench. Justice Miss Alia Neelum heard the application, and Bushra Bibi appeared at NAB Rawalpindi for an hour in the Shahkhana case. She recorded her statement before the joint investigation team at the NAB Rawalpindi office.

A hearing took place in the Lahore High Court regarding the petition filed for the details of the cases and investigation of Bushra Bibi. The court directed the petitioner’s lawyer to file a reply. During the hearing, the court instructed NAB, Anti-Corruption, FIA, and Police to submit reports. According to the report, authorities registered one case in anti-corruption and two cases in NAB. The court adjourned the hearing on the application until the first week of January. Declaring the petition related to the alleged illegal marriage against Bushra Bibi as admissible.

The court has issued notices to the parties, summoning Bushra Bibi in a personal capacity. During the hearing on Monday, the 14th, the complainant Khawar Manika appeared in court and made an appearance. The court postponed the further hearing until December.

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