February, 23, 2024
PTI's Symbol Revoked: Gohar Disappointed, Imran Plans Feb 8

PTI’s Symbol Revoked: Gohar Disappointed, Imran Plans Feb 8

Infostani International: PTI’s Barrister Gohar Ali Khan expressed disappointment as the Supreme Court upheld the Election Commission’s decision, stripping PTI of its ‘bat’ symbol. Members will now run independently, losing reserved seats. Gohar voiced concerns about horse-trading, while Imran Khan hinted at a surprise on February 8. Gohar criticized the severity of the punishment, alleged Nawaz Sharif’s role, and dismissed PTI founding member Akbar S. Babar. The report also highlighted Gohar’s appreciation for President Arif Alvi’s continued support.

PTI’s Leader Gohar Ali Khan Voices Disappointment Over Supreme Court’s Decision on Electoral Symbol; Imran Khan Delegates Ticket Assignment Amidst Party Setbacks

On Friday, PTI leader Barrister Gohar Ali Khan expressed disappointment over the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the party’s iconic electoral symbol ‘bat,’ labeling it a “significant punishment.” The three-member apex court bench, led by Chief Justice of Pakistan Qazi Faez Isa, upheld the Election Commission of Pakistan’s December 22 decision, declaring the PTI’s intra-party polls “unconstitutional” and revoking its electoral symbol.

Consequently, party members will now participate in elections as independent candidates with different symbols, losing the right to reserved seats for women and minorities. Barrister Gohar, earlier this week, mentioned the PTI’s plan to release a list of party-affiliated candidates for the February 8 polls on social media but expressed concerns about potential increased horse-trading due to the SC judgment.

PTI founder Imran Khan, currently incarcerated, assigned the task of awarding party tickets to Omar Ayub and Shibli Faraz, as restrictions prevented his participation in the decision-making process. Imran hinted at a “surprise” on February 8 through the party’s ‘Plan C’ but provided no further details.

Barrister Gohar expressed surprise at the SC verdict, stating, “This is not the Qazi Faez Isa I was expecting,” emphasizing his past respect for the CJP during his tenure at the Balochistan High Court. When reporters questioned Gohar about the reference filed against Justice Isa during the PTI government’s tenure, he expressed the belief that authorities should have set aside such matters. He criticized the severe punishment imposed on a political party.

PTI's Symbol Revoked: Gohar Disappointed, Imran Plans Feb 8
“Gohar calls for fair democracy, urges end to political clashes.”


Gohar’s Claims on PTI’s Electoral Symbol Decision and Critique of Akbar S. Babar; Calls for Fair Democracy

Gohar alleged that PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif played a significant role in revoking the PTI’s electoral symbol, accusing him of manipulating the situation. He claimed, “Nawaz brings the umpire into the game and plays with him,” suggesting interference with the democratic process. Gohar urged an end to the clash between political giants and emphasized the necessity for conducting democracy in a fair manner.

Regarding PTI founding member Akbar S. Babar, Gohar dismissed him as a “planted individual” working under others’ directions and questioned his contributions to the party over the past 13 years. Gohar confirmed that he had not contacted Imran at Adiala Jail, stating that the PTI founder had no inclination to meet anyone. He also appreciated President Arif Alvi, confirming his continued support for the PTI, and urged him to ensure free, fair, and transparent elections in his role as the head of state.