February, 22, 2024
Punjab Chief Initiates Anti-Smog Measures and Key Projects

Punjab Chief Initiates Anti-Smog Measures and Key Projects

Infostani Sources- Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi chaired a meeting of the anti-smog committee in his office, where they reviewed the current smog situation. Environmental and health experts provided suggestions to mitigate smog and its harmful effects. In light of these recommendations, important decisions were made. Mohsin Naqvi announced the lifting of smog-related restrictions, allowing institutions, markets, bazaars, restaurants, and business houses to remain open as usual for the next two days. However, educational institutions in Punjab will close for winter vacation starting December 18.

Mohsin Naqvi directed the Lahore Waste Management Company and PH to continue road cleaning and water sprinkling. He emphasized an effective crackdown on smoke-emitting vehicles and ongoing action against tire-burning factories. Mohsin Naqvi laid the foundation stone for the long-stalled Mansu Bah Dodo Chha Dam project in Rawalpindi, which officially commenced construction. He inspected the project site and stated that the upgrade of hospitals would persist, addressing the demands of young doctors under the next government.

Water Crisis in Punjab: Dudu Chha Dam, Tourism Boost in Murree, and International Policing Collaboration

Punjab Chief Initiates Anti-Smog Measures and Key Projects

Rawalpindi faces a severe water shortage, particularly in summer with a shortfall of 160 mg. The Dudu Chha Dam, costing 14 billion, aims to meet a significant portion of Rawalpindi’s water demand upon completion in two years. Efforts are underway in Murree for winter preparations to boost tourism, accompanied by a crackdown on illegal housing societies. Mohsin Naqvi met the Police Chief of Jiangsu province. Then Yongsheng agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding for cooperation between the Punjab Police and Jiangsu Police. He expressed gratitude for China’s support, considering their governance and policing system a role model for mutual learning and improvement.

In another meeting at the Chief Minister’s Office. Mohsin Naqvi discussed ongoing projects for the conservation. As well as the restoration of historical and ancient buildings. Also the places with Aga Khan Foundation’s Head of Her Page Louise Minererl.

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