November, 29, 2023
Punjab Pakistan Flour Mill Dispute: Wheat Shortage Clash

Punjab Pakistan Flour Mill Dispute: Wheat Shortage Clash

Infostani Sources- Amid a shortage of over 25 lakh tons in the country’s wheat supply, the debate over the liberal release of imported wheat, is driven by the Pakistan Flour Mills Association’s plea. Has sparked tensions among flour mill owners, including those in Punjab.

This issue has led to a confrontation between flour mill owners in Punjab and Sindh. Recently, some prominent mill owners in Punjab accused Karachi residents of importing high-priced wheat and making profits exceeding 1000 rupees per sack. In response, mill owners and importers in Karachi contended that the mills in Sindh, Balochistan, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa consistently face wheat shortages, while Punjab’s flour mills primarily concern themselves with government wheat allocations.

Many mill owners are buying wheat from the farmers and selling it for up to 4800 rupees in the market. 800 flour mills can provide flour to the population of Punjab. But the government has taken 1200 mills for this purpose. The Chairman of the Mills Association has demanded to start official wheat procurement for flour mills. The Progressive Group of Punjab Flour Milling Industry has supported free and cash subsidies and liberal release to deserving people.

Punjab Pakistan Flour Mill Dispute: Wheat Shortage Clash

Imported Wheat Controversy and Profits in Punjab

Taman ships have neglected 165,000 tons of wheat from Bulgaria. Russia at Karachi and Port Qasim ports, and unloading will begin today. Importers, considering the depreciation of the dollar, have reduced the price of imported wheat by Rs 200 per sack. And they have offered this to the critical flour mill owners in Punjab. Who accuses them of making thousands of rupees per sack of profit. If the owners want, they can form an impartial committee to find out what the cost of imported wheat is and how much the profit per sack is.

Military authorities demanded wheat import and import for re-export. Opposing their demand after its acceptance demonstrates the strength of the government quota’s black economy.  Anti-import flour mill owners, if they are seeing so much profit. Why don’t they import themselves, the government has not imposed any restrictions, and the critics themselves have bought thousands of sacks of imported wheat for their mills, like this.

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