February, 22, 2024
Rain forecast for Balochistan, Sindh

Rain forecast for Balochistan, Sindh

Whether Forcast: The Pakistan Meteorological Division (PMD) has forecast rain-wind/rainstorm with snowfall over mountains for most pieces of the country during the following 24 hours.

Separated weighty falls/snowfall is reasonable in Balochistan during the period. Weighty precipitation might cause streak flooding in nearby nullahs of Barkhan, Kohlu, Sibbi, Naseerabad, Dalbandin and Khuzdar on the second and third of February.

As indicated by the concise circumstance, a westerly wave is influencing Balochistan and Sindh and is probably going to move toward the upper parts from this evening.

During the most recent 24 hours, shady weather conditions beat southern and focal pieces of the country while downpour rainstorms with snow over mountains happened in Balochistan and lower Sindh.