February, 22, 2024
Rainfall Forecast Eases Drought Worries in Pakistan

Rainfall Forecast Eases Drought Worries in Pakistan

Infostani International: Meteorological Director General Sahib Din dispelled drought concerns, assuring an optimistic weather forecast. Anticipated late January and early February rainfall is expected to break the smog cycle and improve dry winter conditions.

Meteorological Director Dispels Drought Concerns and Forecasts Positive Weather Changes with Anticipated Rainfall

On Wednesday, Director General Sahib Din of the Meteorological Department assured the public that the country is not facing an imminent threat of drought, as a spell of rainfall is expected in the coming days. Mr. Din, in a conversation with The Express Tribune, expressed optimism about the weather forecast and predicted a positive change in meteorological conditions.

According to him, a new weather system is expected to sweep across Pakistan from its western borders, bringing much-needed precipitation to various regions. He highlighted that the anticipated rainfall, expected in the last week of January and the first week of February, will effectively break the ongoing smog cycle.

Currently, the plains of Punjab are experiencing a series of fog due to the dry winter conditions. Mr. Din explained that this fog, driven by the wind, has also enveloped Islamabad and adjacent hilly areas. However, he assured the public that substantial rainfall in the next few days will significantly improve the weather conditions.

Rainfall Forecast Eases Drought Worries in Pakistan
Rainfall to dispel drought fears, smog


Robust Irrigation System and Favorable Rainfall Alleviate Concerns of Potential Drought

Addressing concerns about a potential drought, Din dismissed the notion, emphasizing the resilience of the country’s irrigation system. He pointed out that the canal system ensures water supply to crops, mitigating the risk of drought. Mr. Din further elaborated that the country’s irrigation system is so robust that even in dry winters, it can sustain agricultural needs.

He explained that the risk of drought arises when there is an absence of rainfall for three or four consecutive years. However, he noted that Pakistan experienced favorable monsoons last year, coupled with promising rainfall this year. “Our country had good rains last year too, and this year we have monsoon as well. Hopefully, the weather will improve,” he added.