February, 23, 2024
Russia-Ukraine Soldier Exchange: Brokered by UAE

Russia-Ukraine Soldier Exchange: Brokered by UAE

Infostani International- Russia and Ukraine, with UAE mediation, successfully exchanged over 470 soldiers. This marks a significant breakthrough in the conflict, with both nations ensuring medical support for the released personnel.

Landmark Soldier Exchange: Russia and Ukraine Broker Agreement with UAE Mediation

Russia and Ukraine, with the mediation and negotiations facilitated by the United Arab Emirates. Executed an agreement resulting in the exchange of over 470 soldiers. Yesterday, the Russian Ministry of Defense officially declared the release of 248 Russian soldiers. This marked the first time in months that Russian soldiers were recovered in a prisoner exchange with Ukraine. The Russian army’s statement highlighted a challenging negotiation process that enabled the return of Russian troops from areas controlled by the Ukrainian government. Thanks to the mediation efforts of the United Arab Emirates.

The statement emphasized that all the released Russian soldiers are receiving necessary medical and psychological assistance. The Russian Air Force’s military transport planes are transporting the personnel to the Ministry of Defense’s medical institutions for treatment and rehabilitation. Simultaneously, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed the return of more than 200 Ukrainian prisoners from Russia. Despite previous prisoner exchanges between the two nations during the ongoing conflict. The process had encountered a stall in the latter half of the previous year. Dmitriy Lubinets, a senior official at Ukraine’s Human Rights Commission. Noted that this exchange marked the 49th between the two sides.