February, 23, 2024
Severe Cold and Fog Disrupt City Life

Severe Cold and Fog Disrupt City Life

Infostani International- Severe cold and thick fog have enveloped Lahore and other cities, disrupting normal life and confining people to their homes. The communication system nationwide faces disruptions, and vehicular accidents are occurring in the dense fog. Hospitals are experiencing overcrowding as cases of colds, flu, and other diseases surge.

The Meteorological Department forecasts extremely cold and dry weather in most Punjab cities, including Lahore, over the next 24 hours. Smog and heavy fog are expected during morning and night hours in the plains. Lahore recorded a minimum temperature of 7 and a maximum of 21 degrees on Tuesday, with an overall contamination rate of 412.

Chilling Alert: Lahore’s Alarming Air Quality and Severe Weather Impact

The air quality indices for various areas of Lahore show alarming levels: DHA Phase 8 registers at 417, Polo Ground at 470, Atchison College at 446, Syed Marabat Ali Road at 455, US Consulate at 578, Fast University at 617, and Quaid-e-Azam Highway at 575. The Meteorological Department warns of very cold conditions in the northern regions, heavy fog, and smog in the plains, and possible fog in Potohar region and Kashmir during morning hours.

Skardu recorded the lowest temperature at minus 10 degrees Celsius, Leh at minus 10, Kalam and Gopus at minus 05, and Hunza at minus 04. Severe cold and fog also prevailed in Daska and Nawah. Severe effects on business life include a surge in cold-related illnesses among children and the elderly. Hospitals struggle with overwhelming cases, while Kuka and dry fruit shops face a rush.

Severe Cold and Fog Disrupt City Life
A speeding car collided with an electric pole, resulting in its destruction due to heavy fog.

Fog-Induced Disasters: Accidents, Travel Woes, and Dengue Update

In Sialkot, a speeding car collided with an electric pole, resulting in its destruction due to heavy fog. One person was killed, and another was injured. A foreign visitor’s car met with an accident near the canal, breaking the pole due to the collision. Fog dominated in Gujjar Anwala and Nawah, causing visibility on GT Road to decrease to fifty meters, affecting traffic flow. Closure of various highways during the night for 14 hours led to increased traffic jams on GT Road.

The severe weather conditions have badly affected 6 domestic and international flights. Several passenger trains between Lahore, Quetta, and Karachi experienced delays ranging from one and a half to six hours. Despite the challenging weather, the increase in dengue cases remained negligible. With only 2 new patients confirmed from Lahore and Gujranwala across the province in the last 24 hours.

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