March, 21, 2023
State doesn't want blood

state doesn’t want bloodshed

Maryam Nawaz Sharif has said that arresting Imran Khan is a five-minute task

LAHORE (from her staff reporter) Senior Vice President and Chief Organizer of Muslim League (N) Maryam Nawaz Sharif has said that arresting Imran Khan is a five-minute task, but the state does not want bloodshed, there is no doubt about it. There is no room that this is not a political party but a military party, it has brought an agenda of destruction in Pakistan, an agenda of civil war, and it has been launched by foreign forces so that anything can happen. If the institution is brought into disrepute, the action against it is the responsibility of the same institution. We want to send you to court, not Balochistan.

Pakistan should not be allowed to continue, while addressing a press conference in the party’s central secretariat, he said that the same way a government and a state, institutions deal with a banned organization, deal with a terrorist group, the same way with Imran Khan. A deal should be done, we will have to stop dealing with them as a political party, the people of banned organizations have been accommodated in Zaman Park and one of their touts is telling that there is a plan to deal with helicopters, says Abrar-ul-Haq.

Our workers have become suicide bombers

The same way terrorist organizations train, brainwash, and launch, this is how your children are doing safe havens in London. but you are attacking the police by giving petrol bombs to Pakistani children, you have no shame. The Panama bench called Nawaz Sharif a Celine mafia, don, and godfather. The police of Pakistan are trying to catch Don, and courts are calling but he is not coming, They allowed Zalmay Khalilzad to speak on Pakistan’s internal affairs, and now there is no doubt Foreign Funding is chaos in Pakistan. was to spread the pomegranate, it was launched for that reason and nothing else before it, Gilgit-Baltistan By bringing the police of Punjab and putting them in competition with the police of Punjab, if this heinous conspiracy had been carried out by any other political party, the state would have seen the spectacle as it is seeing today, the scenes that have been seen in Lahore Zaman Park for a few days.

The political party in the 75-year history of Pakistan

They have never been seen in relation to any political party in the 75-year history of Pakistan, there was an open rebellion against the state, and a rebellion was announced, this is not happening today but this is all happening since 2014. They are the same people who lost graves on the Dastur highway, mocked the state by wearing a shroud, wore dirty clothes in front of the Supreme Court, attacked Parliament, and PTV tore the heads of policemen and broke bones. This is there are people who set fire to the perimeter, announced the civil disobedience movement, and sent money through handi instead of banking channel, to take the prime minister out by the neck, but then these things were hidden because the facilitators were at the head, such I was giving the certificate to Justice (R) Saqib Nisar for his honesty and trustworthiness. Today, most of the facilitators have gone home.

Find out, Slain mafia, Godfather, what happens, police all over Pakistan trying to catch Don, open revolt in Zaman Park, the state doesn’t want bloodshed

Today that spoiled child is attacking the state with full force and intensity, what is happening in Zaman Park is what is happening in the Kacha area, the security personnel is being attacked by the members of a banned organization. He attacked Pakistan’s economy, and laid landmines, the consequences of which are still being borne by Pakistan, he says that they want to arrest me and send me to Balochistan, they don’t want to send you to Balochistan, they want to send you to court, foreign. If the funding case is false, why not let it open for seven years? I was falsely accused, falsely convicted, but I did not make a mockery of the law, regardless of it, I liked the police station, it was fair, it was unfair, I did not trample the law of Pakistan under my feet, I still say that it should not be arrested.

All cases against him should be presented in all cases, by writing an undertaking at every appearance of all cases the court will call and appear, if the cases are decided, arrest him, the decision is written on the wall, and that’s why it is not presented in the courts. Whatever General (R) Bajwa and General (R) Faiz have done is in front of the entire nation, they have confessed themselves, they are blaming each other, and they have brought disrepute to the institution. They bring disrepute to the institution. They are the responsibility of the institution. Action should be taken against them.

Pakistan was developing during Nawaz Sharif’s tenure

This will increase the prestige and honor of the institution. Were present at the service, I am not only taking their names but also taking the names of the remains as well as the pictures I am showing Our narrative is not like that of Saifar, Imran Khan had said that such a general has not come in history, now he says that he should be court-martialed, this is a sign of cowardice. We will contest the elections and win, I will demand reforms in the justice system, and bench fixing should be stopped, and Imran Khan was brought in because he could fulfill the objectives. Nawaz Sharif was not going to fulfill the goals he wanted, something. Assembly elections are based on the new census and some on the old census, it will not have to be decided.

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