February, 23, 2024
Supreme Court Grants Bail in PTI Cypher Case

Supreme Court Grants Bail in PTI Cypher Case

Infostani Sources- The Supreme Court has granted bail to Tehreek-e-Insaf founder and Vice-Chairman, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, in the Cypher case, approving it against a surety bond of Rs 10,100,000. During the hearing, Prosecutor Raja Rizwan Abbasi, the IA Kamil, told the court that they did not receive notification of Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s bail application. However, the Acting Chief Justice made a remark, and the Supreme Court will issue the notice. They dismissed the application filed against the Cypher Trial as ineffective.

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah was sentenced to two years for wrongly disseminating cell information. Under the Official Secrets Act in the written judgment on bail pleas in the Cypher case. These exercises in the Cypher case allow for bail. The judgment emphasized that objections to the judgment will not affect the trial, and the trial court can revoke the bail if PTI abuses it. Section 5 of the Official Secrets Act does not show evidence of TK’s involvement in the crime. Still, there is enough evidence for further inquiry, and the trial court can decide on further investigation after reviewing the evidence.

Supreme Legal Maneuvers: Bail Granted to PTI Leaders in Cypher Case Amidst Controversy

Supreme Court Grants Bail in PTI Cypher Case

Under Section 5 of the Official Secrets Act, the punishment is 14 years and is non-bailable. The available material does not prove that the founder used the cipher to benefit a foreign power. The High Court’s denial of bail was deemed contrary to facts. As mentioned by Justice Athar Minullah in an additional note. He expressed concerns about the treatment of elected Prime Ministers and military dictators. Emphasizing the need for a level playing field in elections.

On another note, Justice Athar Minullah argued that the petitioners are not a threat to society, and bail is essential for their election participation. Barrister Sulaiman Safdar, the lawyer of the founder Tehreek-e-Insaf. Argued during the hearing that the Cipher case was filed with a delay of 7 months. He questioned the political basis for the inquiry against Cipher and highlighted the age of the Official Secrets Act.

The court responded, instructing to focus on legal points rather than political arguments. The court granted bail to both PTI leaders, concluding the hearing. Meanwhile, Islamabad High Court adjourned the hearing on PTI’s request. Against an in-camera trial in the Cypher case until December 28.

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