November, 29, 2023
Supreme Court Questions President on Elections

Supreme Court Questions President on Elections

Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa has remarked during the hearing of the constitutional petitions in the Supreme Court regarding the delay in the general elections and holding the elections in 90 days that the constitution is clear regarding the elections, everything in the constitution is final. has not fulfilled the constitutional obligation by not giving the date of elections. The court issued notices to the Election Commission and the Federation. The Chief Justice said that the date of the general elections may be announced during this time. Everyone has to follow the Constitution, has the President fulfilled his constitutional responsibilities in this regard? General elections are a fundamental matter.

Did the President of the country use the constitutional authority to seek an opinion from the Supreme Court in the matter of general elections? The President of the State has exercised this constitutional authority by asking the opinion of the Supreme Court in other matters. Justice Athar Minullah remarked that there is an order in the constitution to hold elections in ninety days and not following it is a violation of the constitution, the constitution is violated every day.

The Chief Justice said that Article 6 applies to the violation of the Constitution. Advocate Supreme Court Bar Abid Zubiri requested to cancel the decision of the Council of Common Interests to approve the digital census data and the notification issued in this regard, while the lawyer of Tehreek-e-Insaf and Secretary General PTI Umar Ayub. Ali Zafar argued on the legal point of holding general elections within 90 days of the dissolution of the assembly.

Supreme Court's Decision on Election Date Petition

Supreme Court Addresses Election Date Petition

The Chief Justice said that at this time, the petitioner should emphasize on one-point basis of holding elections in the country, if the petition is spread, the court will get confused in other things and the election will be delayed further. Petitioner Ibadur Rahman Lodhi appeared in a personal capacity and said that it is the power of the President to give the date of the elections. The court should issue a directive to the President to give the date. The Chief Justice said that the matter under consideration is not the interpretation of the Constitution.

The Constitution is clear on holding elections, but if the petitioners want the scope of the case to be widened, then the Supreme Court has to constitute a five-member larger bench in the matter of interpretation of the Constitution under section four of the Cactus and Procedure Act, thus the election. There will be more delays. The petitioners agreed to a hearing on the issue of holding general elections, on which the court issued notices to the Election Commission and the Federation. During the hearing, President Supreme Court Bar Abid Zubiri said that he had applied for an early hearing to hold the elections.

Court Adjourns Hearing in Omar Ayub’s Case

The Chief Justice of Pakistan said, “Don’t misrepresent, you have not filed a request for an early hearing.” Speaking to PTI’s lawyer Ali Zafar, the Chief Justice said that his client Omar Ayub’s grandfather was a military dictator. not invalidated, a grandson is not responsible for his grandfather’s actions but will he condemn his grandfather’s actions, where is Umar Ayub he should tell us. Ali Zafar said that he is also in hiding like many others.

Justice Athar Manullah said that those who did not fulfill the responsibility or deliberately created such conditions that the responsibility is not fulfilled should suffer the consequences. After a long hearing, the court issued a notice and declared that no one would be tried on video link in this case. The hearing was adjourned till November 2.

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