March, 21, 2023
Talking to the media in ISLAMABAD

Talking to the media in ISLAMABAD

I will appear in court tomorrow, there is a call where there are security concerns, guarantee security, my arrest is to kill, I will be subjected to custodial torture: PTI chief ISLAMABAD

I am grateful to Haji Sahib for making us a nation, if the election goes beyond 90 days, we will start a movement, Nawaz will be welcomed, and people will throw eggs: Talking to the media in ISLAMABAD

ISLAMABAD (From his staff reporter, Special Correspondent, Agencies) Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has invited all the political leadership to come together to get the country out of the challenges it is facing and said that economic reforms, economic agenda, and austerity are the most important. The entire political leadership will have to put aside their political differences and sit together to make decisions and follow them. We will not allow national and public interests to be at stake. The IMF program is expected to be reinstated soon, but this is not a permanent solution. Addressing the Committee of the Whole on the second day of the 50-year Golden Jubilee celebrations of the Senate of Pakistan, he said that when we assumed power, the economy was facing major crises. Unfortunately, the previous government did not pass the terms and conditions of the agreement with the IMF, which damaged Pakistan’s reputation and trust not only in the IMF but also in other international institutions. The previous government left no funds in the treasury, kept printing notes, and gave countless subsidies without a budget. The present coalition government decided that we have to protect the state, we took many concrete measures including austerity, which made the situation difficult for the common man, but we did not act with any intention in adopting such decisions and the state Sacrificed politics to save We are not angels, we also make mistakes but we learn from our mistakes, a person who admits his mistake is a great person. Despite severe differences in the past, the political leadership used to come together for the greater interest of Pakistan, negotiated on major crises, and found solutions to them. This was the work of the Prime Minister, but his ego and arrogance got in the way, in this meeting on Zoom, the Prime Minister made his point and left. This is called egoism. In February 2019, Indian planes violated Pakistan’s airspace, during which a presentation was to be given to the members of the National Assembly and the Senate by the then Prime Minister and the Army Chief, we waited for one and a half hours, after which General Bajwa gave us a presentation but the Prime Minister did not sit with us even in this critical situation. The leader of the nation is not egoistic, he does not have arrogance or anger, but he shares love and solves problems together with everyone. Shahbaz Sharif said that today the politician has become an abuser, today he is being given the last push to uplift the system of Pakistan. are being blown up, institutions are being disrespected and encirclement and arson movements are being fueled. When our comrades were being dragged into jails on baseless and fabricated charges, no one took the law into their hands and did not disregard the law.

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