March, 21, 2023
Government increased the number of U-Sense

Government increased the number of U-Sense

The method of electing the mayor and deputy mayor has been changed, the election will be delayed further with the new bill:

The President told the Prime Minister that he will not sign inappropriate laws, the country considered it necessary to change the government. Get out of the crisis: Documentary on the positive initiatives of the Alavi Presidency Islamabad (APP) President Dr. Arif Alvi returned the Islamabad Local Government (Amendment) Bill without his signature. In a statement released by the Presidency, it was said that the President returned the Amendment Bill 2022 under clause B of Article 75 of the Constitution saying that it would further delay the local government elections.

Elections as a result of wrong steps taken by the federal government in haste. The process was delayed twice which is not positive for democracy. After the completion of delimitation of castes to 50 Unions, the Election Commission decided to hold local government elections on July 31, 2022. Despite the announcement of the polling date, the federal government increased the number of constituencies in the Union from 50 to 110, resulting in the postponement of the election.

decided to hold elections in ICT. Section 2 of the current Bill mentions 125 UN Nations in ICT. Therefore, the elections to be held on December 31, 2022 have been postponed again. of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor after the announcement of the election schedule as per Section 3 of the present Bill The method of elections has been changed.

Meanwhile, during 2022, under the active leadership of President Arif Alvi, a special documentary covering initiatives and other constructive and positive activities of the Presidency was released, including breast cancer protection, disability, mental and psychological health, women’s rights and information. Technology development initiatives, effective use of information technology for education, employment and development, launch of the Green Presidency Project, transition of the Presidency to solar energy, empowerment of women, establishment of gender equality, higher education of the youth.

And comprehensively covered training, development of information technology sector, provision of persecution and speedy justice by federal ombudsman and revival of family and moral values. has gone According to Dakoo Minister, Arif Alvi spent a very busy year to solve the problems of the people, this year was different for the Presidency, one of the reasons was that the President did not have to play an important role in the political situation. Arif Alvi said that it is my responsibility to build relationships. Even if someone is disappointed with me, it is my responsibility to convince him.

As part of the working relationship we have built with the government, I told the Prime Minister that I respect your office, to which he also expressed similar sentiments. Told the Prime Minister that I would apologize to you for a piece of legislation that I would not consider appropriate to sign. In conjunction with Govt Work was being done in various fields, but when the government changed, I thought it necessary to bring Pakistan out of the crisis. In Pakistan.

Decisions are made through mutual consultation to determine the future. The mandate has become important. Civil and military organizations helped flood victims which is commendable. A silent revolution of IT is coming and it will lead to significant growth in a couple of years. This is the year of elections and every individual should participate in the elections so that good governance will come in the country. Meanwhile, the President expressed his grief to the family members of the martyrdom of the soldier during the security operation in Bannu and offered his services and life to the nation. But paid homage to him.

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