March, 21, 2023
The government || The Jamaat Chakra Chiki

The government || The Jamaat Chakra Chiki

Demanded an investigation from the Chief Justice but no action was taken. It is expected that like Justice Qayyum, Hajj himself will resign and action will be taken against the lawyers involved in the leaks.(Government)

The government should withdraw the application against Justice Faiz and retired general judges should not be given jobs again: Chairman Ex-Active Committee Press Conference after the meeting of Pakistan Bar.

Islamabad (Special Reporter, Monitoring Desk) All the six bar councils across the country, including the Pakistan Bar Council, unanimously announced to file a reference in the Supreme Judicial Council against the judge of the Supreme Court on audio leaks. Pakistan Bar Council Vice-Chairman Haroon Rasheed and Chairman Executive Committee Hasan Raza Pasha along with officials of other Bar Councils announced the decisions at the conference after the meeting. Hasan Raza Pasha said that we had already demanded an inquiry from the Chief Justice but no action was taken nor the Registrar informed the Bar about it. An emergency meeting was then called in which the officials of Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, and Islamabad bar councils participated. Nahu said that this decision was made according to the wishes and aspirations of lawyers across Pakistan. These references will be filed by next week. Justice Rashid Aziz and Justice Malik Qayyum had resigned over a similar incident in the past, expecting the Supreme Court judges to resign themselves. Action will also be taken against the lawyers whose names have appeared in the audio leaks before they will be summoned and heard through a formal notice. He demanded that the government withdraw the curative petition filed against Justice Faiz Isa. The application was filed only to put Fazil Hajj Sahib under pressure. The Liar Protection Act should be passed by the Assembly. Lawyers are being targeted for lack of protection. At present, lawyers do not have any protection in the country. In cases under Article 184/3, the right of appeal should be given. Retired generals and Retired Judges should not be kept on jobs, but they should be given a chance to those who have rights.

The Jamaat Chakra Chiki, the world’s first jail-filled movement whose leader was starting with security bail: Maryam and Nagzeb

On the request of PDM, we will not contest the by-election either, a party has made election politics a joke, Emil

Islamabad (Khalid Mehmood, Agencies) Federal Information Minister Maryam and Nagzeeb have said that the coalition parties in the government have taken a unanimous decision not to participate in the by-elections. In a statement, he said that the riot party contested the by-elections and came to the assembly, the riot party goes to the courts to accept resignations and never accept resignations, they had to fight the elections, they had to come to the House, so why dissolve the assemblies? Why did you resign? The riot party is confused as to what to do, go to the court, go to the assembly, go to the election, they will not allow the country to fall victim to the chaos of a single person. In a tweet, Maryam and Nagzeeb said that the world’s first jail-filled movement is being launched by its leader with his security guarantee.

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