March, 21, 2023
Turkish Health Minister said that 8,000 people buried

Turkey Health Minister said that 8,000 people buried

2 thousand 470 evenings, 8 thousand 500 dead in Turkey, series of aftershocks continue, second aid plane of Pakistan Air Force reached Turkey


Afghan Taliban

Ankara, Islamabad, Karachi (Monitoring Desk, Khalid Mahmood, Staff Reporter) More than 11,000 people have been killed by the devastating 7.9-magnitude earthquake in Syria and Turkey, while thousands are injured in critical condition from the debris.

Afghan Taliban announced 165,000 dollars in aid, two Emirates planes reached Syria, Syrian child, and family were rescued alive from the wreckage.

Process of evacuating the dead bodies in turkey

The process of evacuating the dead bodies and the injured is still going on, due to which the death toll is expected to increase further. According to foreign media, the aftershocks continue after the earthquake in the affected areas. According to the reports so far, 2 thousand 470 people have died in Syria and more than 8 thousand 500 people in Turkey. The number of injured people who have been transferred to the hospital and who have come out of the rubble is also being told in thousands.

The Turkish Health Minister said that 8,000 people buried under the debris have been rescued, while the search for more is ongoing and the death toll is expected to increase. He said that accommodation has been provided to 380,000 displaced citizens, meanwhile, the Pakistan Army Search and Rescue team first reached Adana on February 7, 23 and then reached its destination in Adiman in the early hours of the morning. Arrived, the Rescue 1122 team that arrived in Istanbul on 7 February 23 was transferred to Adiaman via a chartered flight.

Relief supplies for Turkey

The relief supplies sent by another C130 of the Pakistan Air Force were handed over to the Turkish authorities, the teams will start their relief activities today in collaboration with the local authorities. The Pakistan Army is with its Turkish brothers in this hour of difficulty and will make every effort to help them in every way, while the United States says that the sanctions on Syria are not an obstacle to relief work. The Saudi ruler and crown prince have ordered the construction of an air bridge to deliver aid to Syria and Turkey. Two planes from the United Arab Emirates have arrived in earthquake-affected Syria with relief supplies.

Taliban government

The Taliban government of Afghanistan has announced an aid of 165,000 dollars for the earthquake-affected people in Turkey and Syria. The series of bloody scenes after the earthquake continues to come from Turkey and Syria, one such video is viral on social media in which a Syrian girl buried in the rubble is more worried about her younger brother than herself, a sister with courage like a rock.

The connection is from Syria, the viral video of the two children waiting for help melted hearts, and the aid teams of the Istanbul Municipality miraculously pulled the Syrian refugee child Muhammad Ahmed alive from the rubble after 45 hours in the southern town of Beta, Turkey last evening. Lea, whose video has been shared on social media, The 28-year-old goalkeeper of the football team, Ahmat Ayup Tar Kaslan, was buried under the rubble and died. At the time of evacuation, a large number of people were also present to witness the miracle, even after several hours expressing their happiness to see the buried people alive and chanting Allahu Akbar.

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