February, 23, 2024
Turkey's Approval Speeds Sweden's NATO Entry for F-16 Deal

Turkey’s Approval Speeds Sweden’s NATO Entry for F-16 Deal

Infostani International: In a significant move, Turkey is set to send the final NATO membership ratification for Sweden to Washington after President Erdogan’s approval. This quick development clears the path for Turkey’s purchase of US F-16 fighter jets. The recent ratification, overcoming a 20-month delay, signals a crucial shift in NATO dynamics. As we await the final paperwork, the move also holds implications for the anticipated $20 billion Lockheed Martin F-16 sale.

Accelerated Progress: Turkey’s Swift Ratification of Sweden’s NATO Membership and its Impact on F-16 Fighter Jet Deal

Turkey is poised to send the final instrument of ratification for Sweden’s NATO membership to Washington within days, following President Tayyip Erdogan’s approval. Ankara aims to pave the way for its acquisition of US F-16 fighter jets through this move.

An insider knowledgeable about the matter disclosed that the document might be submitted as early as Friday, marking the concluding step in a process initiated in 2022. After a 20-month delay, Turkey swiftly ratified Sweden’s bid this week, obtaining parliamentary approval on Tuesday and President Erdogan’s endorsement on Thursday.

Adhering to formal NATO regulations, the ultimate document in this process—the instrument of ratification—must be filed in the U.S. State Department archives in Washington. With Turkey’s support, which has long been considered the primary obstacle to Sweden’s entry into the Western military alliance, Hungary stands as the sole ally yet to ratify the Swedish bid.

Turkey's Approval Speeds Sweden's NATO Entry for F-16 Deal
Senators say no F-16 upgrades for Turkey if it blocks Finland, and Sweden from joining NATO

Linking Turkey’s Approval of Sweden’s NATO Accession to $20 Billion F-16 Sale: President Biden’s Formal Notification Process and Swift Congressional Endorsement Anticipated

Previously, both Erdogan and members of the US Congress had linked Turkey’s final approval of Sweden to the $20 billion sale of Lockheed Martin’s F-16s and modernization kits. Following the Turkish parliament’s vote, US President Joe Biden sent a letter to key Capitol Hill committees, informing them of his intention to initiate the formal notification process for the F-16 sale once Ankara completes Sweden’s NATO accession process.

The US Ambassador to Turkey stated on Thursday that he anticipates Washington to swiftly proceed with the US Congress endorsement of the sale. The State Department is expected to promptly send the formal notification to Congress.