September, 30, 2023
Umar Ata Bandial emphasized the judiciary's duty

Umar Ata Bandial emphasized the judiciary’s duty

If the decision is not put into action today, it will inevitably have to be implemented tomorrow, as time goes on. (Umar Ata Bandial)

In a speech delivered in Lahore, the importance of the moral weight of Supreme Court decisions was emphasized, with a call for all institutions to remain faithful to the Constitution. The address also implied a need for silence regarding the recent controversy surrounding audio leaks. (Umar Ata Bandial)
Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Ata Bandial recently emphasized the judiciary’s duty to protect the constitution and ensure that decisions are in line with its spirit. Speaking at the Justice Carr Nellis Conference on the Rights of Minorities in the Constitution, he stated that adherence to the Constitution is not a matter of personal preference, but rather a legal obligation. He further emphasized that judicial decisions hold moral weight and are binding, even without a review. While acknowledging that Pakistan has faced challenges related to extremism and communalism, the Chief Justice expressed his confidence in the country’s institutions and their loyalty to the constitution.

Justice Carr Nellis, the longest-serving Chief Justice of Pakistan, was recognized for his many contributions to the field of law and justice, particularly in regard to fundamental rights. While Pakistan’s constitution guarantees the rights of minorities and prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion or caste, some minorities have expressed feeling neglected. To address this, the Supreme Court has made efforts to protect minority rights and ensure their social status improves.

Former Chief Justice Tasadeq Jilani also spoke at the conference, emphasizing the importance of democratic values and equality in the country’s system. He stressed that protecting fundamental rights is a primary responsibility of the judiciary and that efforts should be made to raise awareness about the Constitution.

The conference concluded with Bishop Azad Marshall presenting a shield to Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial and awards being given to various individuals for their contributions to the field. The Chief Justice declined to comment on recent audio leaks and propaganda against him, stating that the situation should be left to prayer.

Overall, the conference highlighted the judiciary’s role in protecting the constitution and ensuring that fundamental rights are upheld for all citizens, regardless of their religion or caste. While challenges remain, the speakers expressed confidence in Pakistan’s institutions and their commitment to democracy and equality.


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