February, 23, 2024
US Enforces Travel Bans Amid Israel-Palestine Conflict

US Enforces Travel Bans Amid Israel-Palestine Conflict

Infostani Sources- In an unusual move against Israel, the US State Department announced that it will impose travel bans on extremist Jewish settlers who have recently attacked Palestinians in the occupied West Bank. According to a statement by US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken. The State Department is actively implementing a new visa ban policy focusing on. Individuals believed to undermine peace, security, or stability in the West Bank. This includes individuals who commit acts of violence or take actions that unnecessarily restrict the access of civilians.

Despite the increase in casualties, the United States remains determined to supply weapons to Israel. CNN reported that the US administration’s insistence on civilian casualties without halting the arms supply to Israel indicates a change in US strategy regarding the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. Israel plans to conclude the ongoing war in Gaza by January 2024. As well as the Israeli military will continue surgical operations against Hamas after the ground war ends.

US and Global Responses to Gaza Crisis: Israeli Plans, Warnings, and Humanitarian Concerns

US Enforces Travel Bans Amid Israel-Palestine Conflict

Israeli authorities aim to end the Gaza war several weeks before parliamentary elections in March. The Israeli Prime Minister asserted that they would not transfer control of Gaza to any international force after the war. Emphasizing that disarmament of Gaza is inevitable and only the Israeli army can guarantee it. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan rejected Israel’s plan to establish a buffer zone in Gaza. Warning that if Israel targets Hamas members in Turkey, it will face severe consequences.

Addressing the 44th session of the Gulf Cooperation Council in Doha. The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, stated that the occupying authorities of occupied Palestine have violated all human values. He emphasized that Israel needs to understand that the era of occupation must end. Josh Paul, the former director of political and military affairs at the US State Department. Revealed instances of abuse of Palestinian children in Israeli prisons. He stated that Israeli soldiers sexually abused a child in prison and falsely accused the child protection organization of being a terrorist. The World Food Program has warned that the Gaza Strip is facing a devastating hunger crisis.