September, 26, 2023
Wheat Prices Soar to 5,000 Rupees per Maund in Gujranwala

Wheat Prices Soar to 5,000 Rupees per Maund in Gujranwala

Gujranwala (General Reporter) In Gujranwala, private wheat has reached 5 thousand rupees per maund. Several flour mills were closed due to the high price of wheat, yet the quota could not be released. It has been reported that the prices of flour in Gujranwala have increased so much that people can no longer buy two-time flour, A bag of 10 kg has gone up to Rs 1370, a bag of 15 kg is selling for Rs 2300, and The district administration, food department have turned a blind eye, the price of wheat has reached 5 thousand rupees per maund in the market and the owners of flour mills are charging arbitrarily. At the rate at which they buy wheat, they set the price by adding the electricity rate, due to which the poor have suffered even more. Now the mill owners have also increased the flour to Rs. Secretary of the association, Khalid Tanveer, said that flour millers are worried, the rates of wheat, electricity, petrol, and diesel are increasing every week and now we cannot afford it. Many friends have closed their flour mills. Because it has become difficult to meet the expenses, the other hand, Superintendent of the Food Department, Mian Shakur, said that the quota system has not started yet, The wheat is going to the private flour mills, so we have no authority over the rice.

Caretaker Foreign Minister Jilani: Pakistan’s Stance on Politics Is Clear, Aiming for Balanced Relations with the U.S. and China

Islamabad (Khalid Mahmood) Caretaker Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani said that Pakistan’s position on the changing political situation is clear, we are not part of any blog politics, and we want equal relations with America and China. While giving a briefing to the Standing Committee of the Senate, the Caretaker Foreign Minister said that the whole world is in the grip of economic effects due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. The Caretaker Foreign Minister gave a comprehensive briefing regarding Pakistan’s efforts to gain full membership in BRICS. He said that the extension of Burkis depends on the consensus of the members. Pakistan is exploring the possibility of joining the group due to its goals of restructuring the international financial structure and reducing dependence on the dollar. In the meeting, senators expressed concerns about a possible veto by India regarding Pakistan’s inclusion in BRICS. The foreign minister assured that any member resorting to such a veto would jeopardize its status within the bloc, adding that Pakistan would not engage in a bloc-policy tax aimed at maintaining positive relations with all nations. To a question from the chairman of the committee, the foreign minister said that membership in the BRC would represent Pakistan at an important international forum and facilitate trade and economic relations with the member countries. Asked about law and order in Chitral, the Foreign Minister said that the situation is under control, and Pakistan is engaged with the Afghan Interim Government. Our ambassador is meeting with the Afghan authorities to resolve the issue, There is a 20% quota for non-career appointments which is strictly enforced. Regarding the selection of non-career diplomats, he said the government prefers suitability without specific criteria or rules. Apart from this, Jalil Abbas Jilani will preside over the 10th Commonwealth Youth Ministerial Meeting to be held in London from September 12 to 15. The Commonwealth of Nations is holding the Commonwealth Youth Ministerial Meeting.

MD CAT exam for admission to medical colleges will be held tomorrow, Flood-affected students will be able to take the exam later, and Section 144 will be enforced around the centers.

ISLAMABAD, LAHORE (Razia Khan, APP) The MD CAT exam for admission in medical and dental colleges is being held tomorrow, September 10 (Sunday), however, the MD CAT exam for the flood-affected students is on the advice of the provincial governments. It will be held later, According to the PMDC circular, Federal Health Minister Dr. Nadeem Jan has expressed his sympathy to the students who are suffering from difficulties. Section 144 of the Criminal Code has been imposed for a hundred meters around 9 examination centers. These examination centers include the University of Education township, Government College University, Lahore College for Women University, Government Apua College Jail Road, DPS Model ton, DPS township, and Government Queen Mary Graduate College. Only candidates and examination staff will be allowed to enter, says DC.

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