November, 30, 2023
World Cup Champions: Australia Leads Prize Winnings

World Cup Champions: Australia Leads Prize Winnings

Infostani Sources- The Kangaroos, champions of the World Cup, earned substantial wealth with Australia receiving the highest prize of 3.42 million pounds. The Indian team will claim 1.89 million pounds. While the green shirts are due to receive 280 thousand pounds in prize money. Details reveal that Australia clinched victory by defeating host India by 6 wickets in Ahmedabad, securing their sixth world championship. In addition to the coveted golden trophy, the Australian team will be rewarded with 3.2 million pounds for their remarkable success. The organizers presented the Indian team with a check for 1.6 million pounds

The semi-finalist teams, New Zealand and South Africa, will each receive a prize of 642,000 pounds. Additionally, the remaining participating teams in the event will get 80,000 pounds per person. Furthermore, there is an extra incentive of an additional 32,000 pounds for each victory in the group round, totaling 288,000 pounds. Australia’s overall prize money will amount to 3.42 million dollars. The Indian team is undefeated in all its matches leading up to the final. Will be awarded a total of 1.89 million pounds. The total prize pool for the event is 8 million pounds.

Chief Selector Disappointed with Haris Rauf’s Decision to Withdraw from Australia Tour

World Cup Champions: Australia Leads Prize Winnings

Haris Rauf’s decision to withdraw from the tour of Australia has raised questions. The chief selector expressed disappointment over the fast bowler’s choice, deeming it detrimental to Pakistan cricket. However, I disagree; as a player, one should play for Pakistan and not turn away. In light of this, the squad for the Test tour of Australia was announced yesterday, but it did not include Haris Rauf.

The new chief selector Wahab Riaz expressed disappointment regarding the fast bowler’s decision, deeming it harmful to Pakistan cricket. Wahab asserted during the press conference that Haris Rauf is an impact player, and the team should capitalize on his skills in Test cricket. They had requested him to bowl 10 to 12 overs per day, mirroring his recent performances in ODI cricket. Despite discussions with the team management, he did not agree. Wahab emphasized the issue of unfit bowlers who bowl at 140 mph, highlighting the need for players to make sacrifices and play for Pakistan without turning their backs on the team.

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