February, 22, 2024
Yunnan Landslide: 20 Dead, Dozens Missing in Rescue

Yunnan Landslide: 20 Dead, Dozens Missing in Rescue

Infostani International: In Yunnan province, China, a landslide claimed 20 lives on Tuesday amid challenging rescue conditions. Hindered by freezing temperatures and unstable soil, rescue teams faced difficulties using large machines. The aftermath revealed 47 initially missing, with 20 confirmed casualties, 24 still missing, and two hospitalized for injuries. The landslide struck two villages in Zhaotong at 5:51 a.m., burying homes in mountain soil. Witness Gu recounted the tragedy, emphasizing the evacuation of over 500 people. Officials revealed the landslide’s trigger was a cliff area during a press conference.

Tragic Landslide in China’s Yunnan Province: Death Toll Rises to 20 as Rescue Efforts Continue Amid Harsh Conditions

On Tuesday afternoon, the death toll from a landslide in China’s Yunnan province rose to 20 as rescue workers battled freezing temperatures and snow to locate dozens of missing people. Rescue teams sifted through deep mounds of earth at the site of the landslide in Zhenxiong County throughout the night.

A rescuer mentioned that the use of large machines was not feasible due to the unstable soil. According to the report, the worker expressed difficulty in carrying out large-scale mechanical operations on-site, as there was a risk of further collapses if excavation was done below the unstable area.

After the landslide struck on Monday, at least 47 people from 18 households were initially reported missing. The latest update confirmed 20 casualties, with 24 still missing and three individuals accounted for by the rescue team. Additionally, two people were hospitalized for head and body injuries, according to the National Health Commission.

China races to find dozens trapped in Yunnan landslide; death toll rises to 20
China races to find dozens trapped in Yunnan landslide; death toll rises to 20


Tragedy Strikes as Landslide Hits Zhaotong: Witnesses Describe Devastation, Evacuations, and Officials Explain Causes

The landslide occurred at about 5:51 a.m. (2151 GMT) in two villages in the southwestern city of Zhaotong, covering houses in brown mountain soil at the foot of a hill. A witness named Gu, who observed the landslide, stated that dozens were buried when the mountain collapsed. Gu recounted that four of his relatives were among those buried under the rubble, as they were sleeping in their homes at the time.

More than 500 people were evacuated from their homes. During a press conference on Tuesday, officials explained that the landslide was triggered at a cliff area at the top of a mountain slope.