September, 30, 2023
Zaman Park operation

Zaman Park operation

In NAB cases, 10 ‘terrorist caster’s 7-day remand in Islamabad 2 caster’s bail extended Zaman Park operation, government’s objection to Hajj, don’t insult the court: Justice Tariq

2 days deadline to detail the cases against Imran, police broke the windows of the house(Zaman Park), my wife hit the roofs, and the whole campaign is going on in the courts: Ex-Prime Minister

LAHORE, ISLAMABAD (Corporation Reporter, Newsurpur, PP) Lahore High Court approved Imran Khan’s 10-day remand in 2 cases of NAB Rawalpindi and 7 days in 2 cases of terrorism in Islamabad. A bench consisting of Justice Shehbaz Rizvi and Justice Farooq Haider heard the security application of Imran Khan in the two cases filed in Golro and CTD under terrorism provisions in Islamabad. Appeared in Lahore High Court in Shields. His lawyer said that Imran Khan has reached the court order ahead of time. The court directed that the petitions and affidavits be signed by Imran Khan. The court granted 7 days and safety bail and directed them to refer to the concerned court. Later, at the request of the former prime minister in the NAB cases, the bench consisting of Justice Ali Baqer Mujifi and Justice Shahbaz Rizvi filed a petition for protective bail in two cases of NAB, which Justice Ali Baqer Afifi heard.

The lawyer took a stand that an organization is already investigating the Shahkhana case and Frail was also going on, but now NAB has also started the investigation, we are appearing in Islamabad, and security should be given. The court inquired how many days you will need. The lawyer said that the NAB team comes outside Zaman Park every day. The court granted the request for protective bail for 7 days, then Imran Khan himself came to the rostrum and stated that the elections are going to be held on April 30, but the entire campaign is going on in the courts, there is no time to give even the tickets, there is no understanding. I don’t know what to do, my election campaign is from house to court and from court to home, all the time is spent in consultation with lawyers. In 50 years I have not had a single case, 96 cases have been registered in 6 months. The century is about to be completed. The court remarked that you should not make a century now, we have given you protective bail till Tuesday, and we hope you will comply with the court order. If such a case happens in the future, I will take contempt of court action, action can also be taken by taking notice. Do not insult the judiciary. I will take contempt of court proceedings against those who are making fun of the judiciary by sitting on the media, if all the parties do not respect the judiciary, then I will take contempt of court proceedings. On this occasion, Imran Khan came to the rostrum and informed the court that despite the court order, a police operation was conducted at my house, and my wife was veiled and behind glass. The police broke the glass, my wife did not hit me for breaking the glass, it is also there in the videos, the whole house is on the recorder.

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